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Ché Wolton Grant who is professionally also known as AJ Tracey is currently dating a girl. To know the real person, be sure to read this article till its last word.

In 2019, English rapper AJ Tracey rose to prominence and popularity, and he is currently dating a number of women. So, who is AJ Tracey’s girlfriend? Is there a girlfriend or wife in 2022 for the British singer? AJ Tracey has successfully avoided public attention, and he hasn’t spoken much about his personal life. The rapper also revealed in 2019 that he was involved with several women but had never been in love before.

Because of his privacy and infrequent revelation, little is known about AJ Tracey’s personal life. He has been linked to two ladies in the past, according to rumours. The musician, on the other hand, had never directly addressed reports involving them.

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AJ Tracey is a famous figure in the UK hip-hop scene, and his Instagram account illustrates this. We have no idea if he’s in a relationship since everything on his Instagram feed is related to his professional life. As a result, we don’t know whether or not he’s dating anyone.

Who is Rappers Aj Tracey and His Girlfriend? All about His Personal Life And Gossip

Initially, Che Wolton Grant or AJ Tracey is a British rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer by profession. He was born on March 4, 1994, to his  Afro-Trinidadian father and Welsh mother. He first got into the spotlight in 2017 after he released his album named ” Secure the Bag”. Today the main question arises whether the British rapper is actually dating any girl. Previously he has not been seen for a long time dating any girl or being serious about any private relationship.

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From the beginning, we were quite aware that rapper AJ Tracey normally does not disclose his private life. But there were some rumours that he was dating two girls previously but then he did not confirm any sort of the news to be true. Even his Twitter and Instagram account only says about his professional life and gives zero information about his private life. So is this the real-time when he actually got serious about any of his relationships? Let’s find out.

Who Is AJ Tracey Dating Right Now?

A rumour got spread two years where  Yungpeppermint’s name got involved. The whole news became viral in one day. When the rumour got viral that AJ Tracey is dating Yungpeppermint, none of the stars reacted to this rumour. Rather we can say that they just ignored the news.  Aj Tracy and  Yungpeppermint neither gave us a positive answer nor a negative answer. After 2019, there was no news about their relationship status.

Now again when both were captured in one frame, fans assume them to be in a serious relationship from 2019. But yes this news has no surety as none of them has assured or commented anything about their relationship. With zero assurance, we can say that they might be involved in a romantic relationship for a long time.

Who is Rappers Aj Tracey and His Girlfriend? All about His Personal Life And Gossip

Personal Views About AJ Tracey’s Love Partner

AJ Tracey has always decided to keep his life very compact. Rumours about his love life were always less in numbers. But even after his compact life, he had stated his true values in an interview in 2019 where he clearly claimed that he was not interested in any girl at that point. But if ever he chooses to settle down with a girl, he will be completely honest and loyal towards his partner.

Even if he had several relationships before, none ever lasted for a long time nor did he fall in love deeply and completely with that girl. Hence right now he is single and will be single in future until he gets a perfect partner for his love life.

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Is it true that AJ Tracey has dated Erin Budina?

Previously, AJ Tracey was reported to be romantically involved with Erin Budina. In 2016, he launched song collections that included a reference to Erin Budina’s name. She was a singer and model from the United States. However, it is unclear whether the pair ever dated or not, or if they were able to keep their relationship a secret. After AJ Tracey was linked to Yungpeppermint, rumours began circulating again.

She had another boyfriend in 2020 and was expecting his child. In 2021, she gave birth to a daughter. As a result, it’s conceivable that the pair were dating in 2016 if they ever were.

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AJ Tracey Talks About His Gossip?

In the 2019 interview, AJ Tracey addresses his claims for the first time. Someone would tell him every other day that they had met his girlfriend, who is from Birmingham, Liverpool, or Derby. She’d say she was going out with him. It’s terrible, according to Meek Mill, because the woman he thinks would go out with him may not want to go out with him believing he has a girlfriend and is telling lies. For More Follow Conceptual Revolutions

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