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What happened to Olivia Black ‘Pawn Stars’ actress? Is she still around?- CR News

What happened to Olivia Black 'Pawn Stars' actress? Is she still around?

Olivia Black used to work night shifts and was also in season five of the show. Corey and Chumlee used to favor her because of “her attractiveness” and Chumlee used to train her. In December 2012, a few pictures of her nude modeling back from 2008 were found on the website.


She was fired for making an on-screen appearance on the show but was allowed to work at the shop. After she was barred from appearing on-screen, she filed a lawsuit against the producers and after that, she left the shop and returned to the nude modeling website.

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When photographs of Olivia Black were leaked to the public, she was removed from on-camera appearances?


There are rules that the cast must adhere to, just as there are with any other series. One of these is that Rick and his crew must occasionally acquire items they wouldn’t normally purchase in order for the show to be more exciting. According to the rules, it appears that you’re not supposed to have any racy photographs of yourself online. After old photographs of her time with SuicideGirls were published online, Olivia Black was dismissed from the show.

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Shortly after she joined the crew for her prior, which prompted Black to pursue a lawsuit against the firm, Leftfield Pictures eliminated her (via Fox News). To make it clear, the case was only against the production company, not the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. She was able to continue working at the shop: she just couldn’t appear on camera, but it wasn’t long until she decided to leave that job as well (via Screen Rant).

Since then, she’s returned to the subject that caused her termination in the first place, adult material. She’s worked as a go-go dancer and a cam girl in addition to shooting for SuicideGirls again. Given her net worth of $300,000, we’d say she’s done OK for herself in the wake of not getting on Pawn Stars.

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