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Each Pokémon has different qualities and vulnerabilities to various attacks based on their type. Knowing the type of matchups is critical for ensuring that each of your Pokemon’s abilities does the most damage possible. Knowing what your Pokémon are weak against might help you avoid being eliminated.

In this Pokémon Sword and Shield guide, we’ve compiled a table of every type’s power and vulnerability to help your Pokémon perform their best in every fight.


Based on Pokémon type, the chart below will show you which attacks to utilize and which to avoid.

Bugs, for example, are super effective against grass-, dark-, and psychic-type Pokémon, while they are not against rock- and ground-type Pokémon. Bug types, on the other hand, take more damage from fire-, flying-, and rocky attacks.

Pokémon Shield And Sword Type Strength And Weakness Chart
Pokémon Shield And Sword Type Strength And Weakness Chart

Keep this chart on hand at all times, especially during Gym Challenges, since each of the coaches specializes in a certain Pokémon.

The first major trainer you fight in Pokémon Sword and Shield is Milo, who specializes in grass-type Pokémon. You’ll want to double-check that you have some bug, fire, flying, ice, or poisonous-type attackers on your team when viewing the chart below. If you’re going to use a team with any ground, rock, or water types in it, be sure to ban them. Please remove the Cobble starters from this match for my sake.

Knowing what sort of match ups you’ll have in battle will come in handy in just about any confrontation, especially when trying to catch Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.


WaterFire, Ground, RockElectric, Grass
SteelFairy, Ice, RockFighting, Fire, Ground
RockBug, Fire, Flying, IceFighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
PsychicFighting, PoisonBug, Dark, Ghost
PoisonFairy, GrassGround, Psychic
IceDragon, Flying, Grass, GroundFighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
GroundElectric, Fire, Poison, Rock, SteelGrass, Ice, Water
GrassGround, Rock, WaterBug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison
GhostGhost, PsychicDark, Ghost
FlyingBug, Fighting, GrassElectric, Ice, Rock
FireBug, Grass, Ice, SteelGround, Rock, Water
FightingDark, Ice, Normal, Rock, SteelFairy, Flying, Psychic
FairyFighting, Dark, DragonPoison, Steel
ElectricFlying, WaterGround
DragonDragonDragon, Fairy, Ice
DarkGhost, PsychicBug, Fairy, Fighting
BugGrass, Dark, PsychicFire, Flying, Rock

Knowing your type matchup is one of the most valuable tools you’ll have in any conflict. But what if you want to ensure that your preferred starter Pokémon remains viable throughout your adventure? Learn how to make your partner shine in our Grookey, Scorbunny, and Cobble guides.

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