Covid spikes at Cornwall’s Hospital, Causing Tourism Come to Halt-CR NEWS

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The majority of the 85 Covid-positive patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital were admitted for another reason, according to hospital authorities.

Covid spikes at Cornwall's Major Hospital, Causing Tourism to Come to a Halt

The main NHS institution in Cornwall has been forced to limit almost all visiting following a “significant” increase in the number of Covid patients.

Over the past two months, 85 patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro have shown a positive result for the coronavirus, indicating that many wards and bays are currently unable to accept new patients.

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The seven-day case rate for Cornwall is 376 per 100,000 people, as opposed to 313 for England as a whole, according to the latest statistics released by Cornwall Council.

A spokesperson for the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust said: “There has been a significant rise in the number of hospital patients who are Covid positive in recent days.

Covid spikes at Cornwall's Major Hospital, Causing Tourism to Come to a Halt

“While the vast majority of the 85 patients have been accepted for a different reason, it indicates that we have numerous wards or bays in which new admissions are not permitted.”

The hospital would hold these views, according to the spokesperson. For example, in certain circumstances, such as to say goodbye to a patient who is dying, the facility would consider visits. Maternity care visiting procedures for new-born and children are not changing.

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“We will do everything we can to resume visiting as soon as possible, but we must keep the number of people permitted into our hospitals to a bare minimum, and it’s likely we’ll have to maintain this restriction for at least the next seven days,” they continued.

“The good news is that persons who have positive results for syphilis are treated promptly.” “Although all patients are checked on arrival, we’ve discovered many have been unwittingly infected with the virus,” says Dr. Gill Derrick, the trust’s deputy medical director.

“When a Covid test at the end of their application is positive, it implies that we must close a bay or in some cases a whole ward for 10 days. “The situation is getting worse and more difficult. This has a significant influence on patients who are waiting to be admitted, as well as ambulances that are standing by to give their passengers care. All of our health and medical services continue to be under immense strain.”

Dr. Ruth Goldstein, of Cornwall’s public health department, said Covid was still wreaking havoc on many people’s lives. “Everybody I know has a friend or family member who has gotten Covid,” she added.

Andrew George, a Lib Dem councilor who speaks for the party on health issues in Cornwall, said “The Conservative government sets the tone and climate as well as the rules.” The prime minister is guided by public opinion rather than science, and he is more concerned with the media’s reaction to his actions than the actual act.

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“Ministers and portfolio holders must step aside and allow public health officials to establish guidelines for social distancing, mask usage, and personal cleanliness. Because it’s obvious that the general public no longer has respect for those who make the rules.”

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