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Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more. ‘Working’ Moms’ is a comedy-drama television sitcom from Canada. It premiered on CBC Television on January 10, in the year 2017. The hit show stars Catherine Reitman, Jessalyn Wanlim, Dani Kind, Enuka Okuma, as well as Juno Rinaldi. Its sixth season came out in January 2022. Let us check out what episode 12 has in store for its viewers – from its release date and time to its spoilers. Aren’t you excited about the same?!

Previously On Working Moms Season 6 Episode 11 :

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Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12

In the previous episode of ‘Working’ Moms’, we saw how Kate managed a big interview which saw her client, Rebecca, talking to Marion Davenport, a popular journalist who interviews some of the big names all around the globe. But at the same time, Kate had to manage her kids as well. She had to send kids to school and then also attend Nathan Jr.’s assembly of public speaking. Anne fuelled some fire into Kate and made sure she knows she can do it all.

Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12 Release Date And Time:

Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12

From what a little birdie tells us, Working’ Moms Season 6 Episode 12 will be released on Tuesday, April 5, 2022. Its release time is scheduled at 9 pm as per Eastern Standard Time in Canada only. As per reports, Netflix may or may not offer Working’ Moms Season 6 for its international viewers once the show finishes its original airing.

Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12 Spoilers:

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This particular episode has been titled “The Scary Things”. After everything that went down the last time, Kate may have to take care of herself and strictly go on a personal day off. However, we will see her disappearing without telling her family. Apart from that, Sloane will see herself entering the Wynston yet again. Last but not least, we are expected to see Jenny making a crucial choice.

Watch Working Moms Season 6 Episode 12 Online:

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