WeCrashed Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained In Detail

WeCrashed Episode 4 is explained in detail below. The scene starts at Benchmark Capital where Bruce Denlevie was seen defending Adam. Although he knew somewhere that he wouldn’t be able to do it for long. His colleague,  Cameron Lautner, thinks that Adam lacks business sense.

WeCrashed Episode 4

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Bruce had placed his bets on Adam Neumann, the CEO of WeWorkd instead of the company’s project. He saw the potential in him and found Adam to be a force of nature. We also saw Rebekah Neumann lurking everywhere, but she didn’t hold any formal position as of now.

Adam was very excited about his company and he planned to open 40 new locations in the coming year, but all his desires went to vain as the management told him that they were not in a position to do so. However, Adam didn’t get demotivated by this. He always wanted to make his business big no matter what barrier comes in between. He gives example of Starbucks, which opened two stores a day, and he wanted WeWork to follow its path with the same pace. He asks the team to gear up and d whatever it takes to bag the deal. His main idea was to impress the landlords and offer them something that they didn’t expect, which will put them in a condition where they won’t be able to refuse the offer.

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WeCrashed Episode 4

It was revealed that the company was inevitably going to lose 400 million in the current year. Adam took a big step. He decided no to look into the unnecessary expenses incurred but brings in another investor on board. He says that rapid growth comes at a cost, and he was ready to pay for it. Adam sees Bruce Denlevie again in demand for more money. He is impressed by Adam’s efforts but refuses to lend him more money. Adam then decides to meet a businessman in Tokyo named Masayoshi Son who is the founder, and CEO of Softbank. But on reaching there, he was informed that Masayoshi Son was not in Tokyo but attending a flagship initiative by the government of India called Startup India. Adam takes no time to book his flight tickets to India.

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