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The Secret House Episode 16 is all set to be relased on the following date, Scroll down to know more.Ji Hwan can’t observe his mom at the nursing home. Subsequent to getting back home, he figures out that Sol has been confessed to the clinic. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 16, it is sure that if Woo-Sol doesn’t get a liver transfer, her life may be in harm’s way. Additionally, Tae Hyung is glad to have Joo Hong back in his life.

He will be the most youthful examiner to enter governmental issues and fantasies about turning into the president sometime in the future. In any case, this isn’t enough for him. Indeed, even after his steady attempts, Joo Hong rejects him and goes to Ji Hwan. At long last, the two of them admit their sentiments and begin dating.

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 The Secret House Episode 16

Ji Hwan returns to Seoul subsequent to looking into his girl. The specialist lets him know that Sol’s fevers are a direct result of the organ disappointment. Additionally, he lets him know that they need to get her into the medical procedure quickly. In the wake of hearing this, Ji Hwan goes to meet his sister. He tells her that Woo Sol needs a liver transfer and that she will pass on in the event that Min-Young doesn’t help her. From the start, she wavers however at last chooses to be a benefactor.

The Secret House Episode 16 Release Date

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‘The Secret House’ Episode 16 will deliver on 2nd May 2022. In the wake of dismissing Joo Hong, Ji Hwan understands that he cares deeply about her. He goes running back to her. At the point when he comes to, he observes her sitting on a seat crying. He tells her that he will always be unable to enlighten her concerning Woo-Sol and that he will invest the majority of his energy looking for his mom. She consents to every one of his terms. At long last, he admits his sentiments to her, and they begin dating.

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The Secret House Episode 16 Spoilers

Tae Hyung is carrying on with his fantasy life. He is an extraordinary investigator and will be the most youthful man to enter legislative issues. He gets exhortation from his boss at lunch and chooses to become friends with however many advantages as could be allowed. In ‘The Secret House’ Episode 16 see, a ton of things are getting cleared up. In the story till now, we additionally see that Tae Hyung is again attempting to date Joo Hong, however she prefers Ji Hwan. She goes to supper with him and admits her sentiments. In any case, Ji Hwan rejects her.

Watch The Secret House Episode 16 Online Streaming Details

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The MBC channel’s “The Secret House” is a drama series that was aired in South Korea. The official channel for the forthcoming episodes of “The Secret House” is available to residents of South Korea. For international fans, there is no established site for Episode 16 of “The Secret House.”

The Secret House Episode 16 Cast

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  • Web optimization Ha-joon as Woo Ji-hwa A soil spoon legal counselor, who has confidential to stow away notwithstanding his family’s adversity
  • Lee Young-eun as Baek Joo-hong The girl of Sang-gu and Haeng-ja. Charm Ji-hwan’s most memorable love and a splendid and thoughtful crisis medication inhabitant
  • Kim Jung-heon as Nam Tae-hyung Sook-jin’s child. Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Division 1 Prosecutor
  • Kang Byul as Nam Tae-hee Sook-jin’s girl. Wide Marketing Department Manager
  • Lee Seung-yeon as Ham Sook-jin Nam Tae-hyung and Nam Tae-hee’s mom. Wide Representative. She can do anything for his child.
  • Yoon Bok-in as Kim Kyeong-seon Ji-Hwan’s mom
  • Yoon A-jung as Woo Min-young Ji-hwan’s more established sister
  • Park Ye-rin as Usol Ji-hwan’s little girl

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