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Watch S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13 Online

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S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13  Release Date is announced. Read the whole article to know the release date, spoilers, raw scans, where to stream, and lastly the recap of the previous episode

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13 Release Date

The upcoming episode, episode 13 of season 5 of the series S.W.A.T will be released on March 13, 2022. The release date will be completely the same for every people living in different countries but the release timing will entirely depend on the various time zones.

Yet there has been no news of delaying the release of the episode and hence can be expected that the upcoming episode will release on its desired date only.

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13: Release Date, Episode 12 Recap and Spoilers

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13 Spoilers

Spoilers for season 5 episode 13 have already been leaked. Yes, although we do not have too many spoilers, we do have a few spoilers. The upcoming episode, episode 13 of the series S.W.A.T season 5 has been titled “short fuse”.

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In this episode, we can expect to see a new case and also the arrival of a new person who is connected with Robert’s past. Robert knew the person very well from the beginning and now, in this case, he has to work with that person together.

Previously in S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 12

The previous episode, that is episode 12 was titled “Provenance” for the audience. In this episode, we saw how Winnie and her father Daniel were arguing just before the action scene. Winnie had planned a day out with her father at the museum where she worked as an employee.

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But the happy day ended with an unhappy argument which forced Winnie’s father to leave the spot. Just after leaving the spot, the hijackers had attacked the whole museum including Winnie.

At this moment, Winnie did not have her father beside her also. In the whole episode, this was the most sympathetic moment. 

S.W.A.T Season 5 Episode 13: Release Date, Episode 12 Recap and Spoilers

On the other hand, the SWAT was preparing themselves for handling the situation. Smartly, Winnie had already informed the SWAT team for her rescue. When the SWAT team blew the entrance of the museum, the situation got worse since the thieves got captured.

For their self-defense, they decided to threaten the SWAT team with the lives of the people present in the museum. Later when the group got caught, Hondo took the initiative to question the leader about his head. But none actually replied to the question.

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After an action scene between the robbers and the SWAT team, it was discovered that Julia was responsible for everything. When they got hold of Julia’s past, they discovered that she had done this to earn her grandmother’s respect and values which were not given to her before.

Where To Watch The Series SWAT?

SWAT can be watched through various platforms, depending on the region you stay in. Officially the episodes get released through CBS, but you can also stream this series via Amazon Prime, Netflix, or YouTube TV. We highly recommend you to watch this series from the above-mentioned OTT platforms as streaming this via fake and illegal websites can cause you and your phone risk.

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