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Watch NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 Online

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The famous Web-Series ‘NCIS Season 19 Episode 18″ Release Date has been officially announced. Read the full article to know the Release Date, Release Time, Spoilers, Raw scans, Where To Watch, and the recap of the previous episode of the series “ NCIS ”.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 Release Date

The Release date for NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 has been finally scheduled. Episode 18 of NCIS Season 19 will be released on April 18, 2022.

The release date has been officially announced and hence there will be no delay or rescheduling of the release date. But in case, if there is any news of the delay, we will surely update it on our website.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 Release Date, Spoiler and Recap

NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 Spoilers

The spoilers for episode 18 for NCIS Season 19 have not yet been released. The usual rule states that all the spoilers get leaked one day prior to their original release date. Hence right now we can not present any spoilers to you.

One thing that we found is NCIS Season 19 Episode 18’s title. Episode 19 has been titled ‘Last Dance’. 

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Previously On NCIS Season 19 Episode 17

Before watching the upcoming episode, let’s see what happened in the previous episode.

In the previous episode, we saw the NCIS got a new suicide case. This time the case was about Thomas Millar, a retired navy officer who jumped from his building balcony. Now when the NCIS started investigating, they discovered that the death can be seen through an angle of murder as well since Thomas Millar had several body injuries.

Now the NCIS started their investigation by interrogating Thomas Millar’s wife and brother. While the interrogation, the NCIS comes to meet with a new character in Thomas Millar’s life, Richard Jordan.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 18 Release Date, Spoiler and Recap

It seemed that Richard was very offensive towards Thomas. Previously when Richard and his daughter met with an accident, his daughter died and he somehow survived. After this incident, Richard always insisted that Thomas take the whole responsibility.  But during the investigation, the NCIS gets a call from a woman reporting the death of Thomas Millar. When they investigate that area, they realize that Thomas has two wives simultaneously.

When they got hold of the CCTV footage, they charged Mrs. Millar as she was following him when she saw Thomas’s other wife and child. After the DNA test, we resulted that Thomas’s injury tool had Mrs. Millar’s blood. The episode got ended with a tragic incident. The one and only witness of NCIS died just before the scene.


Where To Watch The Series NCIS?

We always suggest our readers only read or watch any web series or anime-only from legal and real websites. Reading or watching anime or other series from illegal or fake websites will harm your privacy or might charge you high fines.

Hence we will highly recommend you to watch the series “NCIS” only on CBS. CBS is a legal and safe site and can be used around the whole world. Also to get access, you will definitely need a paid membership to the website.

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