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The Web-Series NCIS Season 19 Episode 16 will be released soon. Read this article to know the Release date, spoilers, where to read, and the recap of the previous episode.

Previously On NCIS Season 19 Episode 15 

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Before the release of the upcoming episode, let’s see what happened in the previous episode.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 16

In the previous episode, we got to know about Alden’s past incidents when he used to get caught for stealing. But now he has become a responsible NCIS agent leaving behind all his past incidents. In episode 18, the NCIS got a new case where a navy officer named Danna was found dead. After investigation, the team declared that there was a presence of another person in the crime zone.

The team also found that the other person was none other than Sean Doyle. When Danna’s smartphone was recovered, a suspicious video was found where Sean was being shown tortured by an unknown person. Later estimated that the unknown person is the murderer since Danna saw and recorded the whole incident. Now the NCIS has started contacting nearly every person that is connected with Sean Doyle or the unknown person.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 16 Release Date

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Episode 16 of the series NCIS Season 19 will be released on March 21, 2022. This release date has been finalized and hence there will be no delay.

NCIS Season 19 Episode 16

NCIS Season 19 Episode 16 Spoilers

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According to the usual rule, the spoilers get leaked two days prior to the original release date. But for this upcoming episode, very few spoilers have already been leaked. 

Episode 16 of the series NCIS season 19 has been titled “The Wake”. In this episode, we can expect a huge commotion when they barge into a party as one person attempts suicide. But during the interrogation, the story takes a weird turn when new people get involved.

Other than this we can not present you with any other spoilers. 

Where To Stream The Series NCIS?

Since this series is original in the United States, hence it is first aired on CBS which is accessible only in the US. For other countries, you can refer to YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video Player. Other than these sites, do not search these series in other states and countries as it might be risky and dangerous for both the elders and the youngsters.

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