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Moon Knight Episode 3 Review: Layla’s Family Memories and Fake Passport


Are you looking for a perfect Moon Knight Episode 3 Review? well, scroll down to know all about Moon Knight Episode 3. Moon Knight is just another brilliant gift from Marvel to their dear Fans!! To know everything about Moon Knight then keep scrolling. Moon Knight is a full family pack of action, drama, thriller, suspense, and a great storyline. Till now 3 episodes of Moon Knight Season 1 have been released and all the fans love them. If you wish to know more about Moon Knight Season 1 Episode 3 then keep reading.

What Has Happened till now in Moon Knight:

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Episode 3 starts with showing Layla talking to a lady, as they were having a conversation about Layla’s dad and a bit about her past, the lady seems like her mother. In this conversational segment, we got some information about Layla like she is from Chicago and something terrible happened to her there (which is quite unknown). She and the lady were seen making a fake passport for Layla so that she would go to Chicago. Then the scene cut to Arthur, and he with his co-mates successfully found Ammit’s tomb with help of the accident compass. Whereas on another hand Marc ( who has taken over Steven’s body, hope you remember) is trying his will best to find the sport where Arthur is digging Ammit’s tomb. In this attempt, he got into a fight with some guys(believers of Ammit), while in this fight Steven twice interpreted Marc as killing those guys. But something weird is happening with Marc which is similar to what used to happen to Steven, which loses consciousness and cut to everything in the surrounding changes. After losing his consciousness twice, in the second time Marc finds himself on the top of a cliff with two of those guys dead, Marc immediately looks at the knife in his hand and asks Steven what the hell has he done, to which Steven replies that fighting and killing is something that Marc does and he (Steven) is the innocent and peace love person. As they’re all hoping to find Arthur closed, then Khonshu uses limited power to cause a partial solar eclipse. This has attracted the attention of Enead, the High Council of Egyptian gods who send avatars to meet Mark and Cons. So he can hopefully get her to deal with Arthur and Ammit.

In the Great Pyramid of Giza, Cons speaks through Marc and warns of the Nine of Hello’s plans. To be honest, what’s happening is reminiscent of trying to report offensive tweets to Twitter. Cons / Mark insists. The Ennead gods bring Arthur to hear his side of the story. Instead of protecting himself, Arthur points out that Mark is mentally ill and accuses Cons of abusing him. Ennead then determines that the accused has not violated the rules and terms of use and gives him up. Arthur makes some interesting points about the role of Cons in all of this. After all, he was the avatar of the moon god before Marc Specter. He claims that Cons manipulated him. At the end of the episode, Arthur says he would not have learned “the value of healing” unless Cons had “completely destroyed” him. However, he still plans to carry out a genocide in the name of Ammit.

The Mysterious Midnight Man

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Leila takes you to Anton Mogart, where Gaspard Ulliel played the last role. Ulliel dies in a ski accident at the beginning of this year, and the episode is dedicated to him. Anton happens to Layla and is an eccentric population that seeks the stone coffin you are looking for. Unfortunately, Arthur appears and you can get the result of the struggle. He will try Anton to join his side. Leila’s Arthur type that she recognizes as her archeological father. Have you ever heard of Marc Specter killing a team of archaeologists at an archaeological site in a previous episode? It seems suspicious.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time you see Mogart on Moon Knight, but just because of Uriel’s tragic and premature death. The character known as Midnight Man in Marvel Comics is unlike any other villain you’ve seen in an MCU. He is not interested in dismantling the world order. He is a kind of deadlock and annoyance. More snouts on the MCU!

The Complicated Relationship of Marc and Layla

Marc and Leila work to carry the stolen debris from the tomb to the desert and find the encoded constellations that lead to the Ammit’s tomb. Marc wants him to drive a little because they need Steven’s help. Steven cracks the code and Marc is ready for the coolest celebrity app I’ve ever seen … but there’s a problem. The stars have moved slightly over thousands of years. Cons provide a costly solution. With the help of Stephen, he resets the night sky that night so he can get the coordinates. Once Marc is complete, he knows that Enead will lock him in a stone and manipulate the sky again, provided that Marc releases him. It works, but that means Layla, Marc, Steven, and everyone else has to find Arthur and stop him without the power of Conche or the help of Moon Knight’s suit. ..

Speaking of the trio, there is definitely an atmosphere between Layla and Steven. In this episode, we’ve got a glimpse of Layla’s relationship with her husband, so let’s go back a bit. Marc and Layla are complicated in an adult way that is not often seen in exaggerated superhero stories. They are obviously a good team. They communicate a lot with just their eyes and hands. They are kind of honest with each other because they are not honest with each other. When she complains that she didn’t know the man she married because Layla revealed more of her secret, Marc replies, “You didn’t know. It is neither sneaky nor patronizing. He obviously still keeps her secret about her father from her, but that’s true.

Meanwhile, Steven meets Layla and states that she will never divorce in a few minutes, and in this week’s episode Stephen’s appearance softens her face. Does this cause future conflicts and Marc has to decide whether Steven will take over the body they share forever or continue to work in tandem? If Layla looks happier with Steven than she was with Stephen, it could push Marc further in that direction. New suspense over, what actually happens when Marc losses his conciseness, and in whose possession is the body is at that time? Let’s see what all mysteries will reveal or shall create in an upcoming episode of Moon Knight!! So Let’s wait till next Wednesday for the 4th episode to be aired on Disney+ Hotstar.

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