Chicago PD Spoilers And Leaks: What happened in Season 9 Episode 20?

Season 9 of Chicago PD has given us some harrowing tales. Given the trauma that all of the characters have experienced throughout the series, and the concessions they’ve had to make for the greater good, it makes sense.

The newest episode of the program, “Memory,” is in keeping with season 9’s theme on trauma and the ghosts of the past.

The cops work on a 13-year-old murder case that has connections to the modern day, and the parallels between the case and their personal lives generate some tense moments.

The remainder of this article includes major spoilers for the most recent episode of Chicago PD!

Previously In Chicago PD last night? (May 11th)

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Chicago PD Spoilers And Leaks

The show’s first episode, “Lovers’ Lane,” opens with one of the oddest mysteries in its history. An older couple is discovered murdered in their bed, but the circumstances that led up to their deaths have the team stumped.

In the evening, they ate supper, took a bleach bath, and listened to a bedtime story, all of which was in keeping with a cold case that had persisted for two decades.

The cold case involved a youngster named Daniel, who was discovered at a rest stop after having been bathed in bleach. However, Daniel’s allegations were vague, and the police dismissed his claims while doing nothing to investigate possible suspects.

Daniel has a wife and children now, but his recollection of the abduction is a little too fantastic to be believed completely.

With context, the symbolism of colors becomes clear. When he describes a flock of birds and flowers, as well as “pink dust” that fell from the ceiling, he is telling the truth because his memory is correct.

Daniel’s murder investigation is led by Burgess and Ruzek (Patrick Flueger), who can’t help but compare the trauma endured by Daniel to that suffered by Makayla. Daniel’s brothers Jeffrey and Nick are a pair of detectives who frequently solve cases together. They work through their concerns and manage to locate a suspect who was working on the structure where Daniel was said to have been held captive.

They figure out that Jim murdered Daniel’s parents and kept the bodies for years, and that he is at Rockpoint Lake. The knowledge not only confirms Daniel’s recollections, but it also enables him to put the past behind him in a way that had appeared impossible.

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Chicago PD Spoilers And Leaks

The reading of the case has an instructive effect on Ruzek, who finds himself thinking about it. Following that, he tells Burgess that he wants to acquire her father’s home so she and Makayla can live in it (he goes as far as to say he will stay at his current apartment so they may have room).

Makayla’s mother, Karen, initially refuses the offer, but Ruzek argues that staying at their current location makes Makayla more vulnerable to recall the traumatic experiences of her abduction. The ep closes on an ambiguous note, since we don’t know what Burgess’ option will be.

Ruzek makes a strong case, but it’s too early to tell if the decision to live together will be the medicine their family needs. We want the best for our characters, but given the consistent drama of Chicago PD finales, we wonder what more problems they’ll have.

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