Resume writing apps that will help you pass interviews

The most important thing to get a job is to pass the interview and the necessary factor for that is Strong Resume. Whether it’s a fresher or an experienced candidate. Resume has to be specially prepared to pass the interview. However, most of the candidates are confused in preparing the resume. If you find important tips or apps for preparing a resume, then the load of the candidate’s interview will be reduced by half. There are resume builder apps on Google Play Store, you can create attractive and strong resume using smartphone. Here we are talking about 5 best Android apps like My Resume / CV Builder, Make My Resume, My Resume, Resume App and Super Resume Pro. Which may prove to be the best app for candidates preparing for the interview.

My Resume / CV Builder:

This app is the easiest to use. This app requires basic information when creating a resume. After providing the information you can choose the format in which you want to restart. One problem with this app is that you don’t get the preview option until restart. The app automatically saves the resume created in PDF format and also edits the old copy.

Make My Resume:

The most distinctive feature of this app is that it allows you to select a template for resume before giving all the information. This is a very useful feature. The user interface of this app is good. While the other features are the same as the rest of the apps.

My Resume:

Basic information has to be provided on this app. The app has other features for creating font type, color, size and resume. While preparing the resume, users will also be able to decide whether to include elements like sign, location and date on the resume. Users can choose a template or format to get started a second time. A preview can be seen on the second start.

Resume App:

You need a Facebook account to login to this app. The function of the app is minimal. Because the app only gets basic information from Facebook. This is a good feature so you don’t have to go through the process of giving information again. 3 templates are provided in this app. This app is also used for letter preparation.

Super Resume Pro:

This app gives the user the option to select a template before creating a resume. The app also advises the user on which resume layout to choose based on their job profile. Provides basic and necessary information. User’s biodata is ready. This app is very useful but the biggest problem is the ad.

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