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We know how technology is speeding in advancing itself. Starting from smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, AirPods, tabs, and a lot more, everything has its own brand new updated versions. These updated versions not only make our work easy but also make us face a few new features which excite us much more. more than that, today’s youth is much more concerned about the gaming field as few can earn a good amount of cash from a few gaming apps. But let’s compare and analyze, whether Facebook gaming is better than Twitch and Youtube gaming.

Is Facebook Gaming a Better Gaming Platform Than Twitch and YouTube?

Two years ago that is in 2020, Streamlabs had announced their biggest news as Facebook Gaming had made a record in the count of the number of views as compared to Youtube gaming. Next, as years passed by, there was a massive fall in numbers for YouTube gaming.  Even today in 2022, Facebook Gaming has made sure to hold up their number of counts and increase them more gradually in the coming years. On the other hand, YouTube gaming is still on the verge of decreasing its views in high numbers, even in 2022. But on a serious note, Twitch is all above the apps since it has way higher counts than Facebook and Youtube.

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About The Application Twitch

The application TWITCH which is mostly famous for its gaming features was founded by Justin Kan, Emmett Shear. Michael Seibel and  Kevin Lin are now being handled by Amazon successfully. Twitch is comparatively different from both youtube and Facebook both in updates and features.

Is Facebook Gaming a Better Gaming Platform Than Twitch and YouTube?

In the application Twitch, it is not easy to build up our own gaming channels as approval from the twitch app requires a bit higher count of views. On the other hand, it is comparatively very easy to commute and share your gaming channel in the applications Facebook and Youtube. But the main point is once you achieve approval from the Twitch applications, you can experience way more exciting and useful features that are absent on Facebook and Youtube.

Also, there are chances of you getting highly paid if your channel successfully flies. But even after all these complications, the audience has been choosing Twitch for a long time and has titled it the best gaming application over Facebook and Youtube.

On the streaming side, during the third quarter of 2021, more hours were streamed on Facebook Gaming than YouTube Gaming. During this time, creators streamed 17.1 million hours of material on Facebook Gaming versus 8.4 million on YouTube Gaming (Twitch has 222.9 million hours streamed). The number of hours streamed on Twitch during the third quarter fell by the largest percentage in the platform’s history, according to reports from Streamlabs and Stream Hatchet. Despite a decrease in hours streamed in the third quarter of 2019, Facebook Gaming’s number of hours streamed increased year over year compared to the same period a year ago.

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The emergence of platforms like Facebook Gaming has brought with it the chance for gaming companies to establish new revenue streams. Unfortunately, gaming companies no longer have complete control over their products as a result of these new outlets.

In terms of hours watched and hours streamed, Facebook Gaming currently has 13.8% of the streaming market share between the three firms, according to these numbers. While it appears to be a minor amount compared to Twitch’s market share, the statistics indicate a shift in behavior. The fact that Facebook Gaming has surpassed YouTube Gaming in both hours viewed and streamed hours, as well as Twitch’s losses in certain categories, may signal the beginning of a new era for the platform.

Features for the enlightened

Facebook Gaming has continuously improved the platform since its inception, adding features such as increased quality of life and monetization options. Last month, Facebook Gaming unveiled co-streaming, which allows streamers to collaborate and lets viewers select which stream they’d want to watch. Twitch offers a comparable functionality, but only Partners, or content producers with substantial followings and individual contracts with Twitch, can utilize it. Other changes and additions have been provided by Facebook Gaming, including the option to utilize certain background music in streams without having to worry about copyright concerns, as well as other features and programs.

The Black Gaming Creator Program, announced last Monday, is one of several initiatives Facebook is undertaking to promote diversity. According to Jefson, the company will “help fund the next generation of Black gaming creators and provide mentorship, training, and early access to new products and features.” “Our mission at Facebook Gaming is to provide a welcoming environment where anyone can play, watch, or connect around their favorite games.”

After the release of a devastating report regarding company knowledge in which Facebook’s platforms encourage unhealthy atmospheres for teens and young people, it has been on the news for a long time. While Facebook faces the consequences of the study, at least Facebook Gaming seems to be working to assist its creators on the mental health front.

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Is Facebook Gaming a Better Gaming Platform Than Twitch and YouTube?

Youtube is a distinctive destination, where people may upload their own material, stream live videos, exhibit their talents, and so on. The remaining of the platform costs money from the user’s end, however, youtube is completely free and simple to utilize. The main objective of YouTube is to share information across the world, and users can make money by placing advertisements on their videos.

The company is also known for acquiring different companies that can help it expand its services. In 2006, for example, YouTube acquired video streaming company Myspace. A few years later, in 2011, YouTube purchased online video production and marketing company Next New Networks. The reason these companies were bought was to improve the quality and quantity of videos on YouTube and to help the company create better marketing and advertising strategies.

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In 2013, YouTube made an important move by purchasing the rights to stream broadcast television shows. This gave users the ability to watch full episodes of their favorite TV shows on YouTube. The deal also allowed YouTube to sell advertising space during these broadcasts. This was a major step for the company, as it allowed it to compete with other streaming services, such as Hulu and Netflix.

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