The New Science of Epigenetics: The Future is Now

The New Science of Epigenetics, Epigenetics and Schumann Resonance

After decades of scientific discoveries, epigenetics is now poised to emerge at the center of major innovations in both society and our global industries.

The new science of epigenetics – We’ve all dreamed about having amazing abilities, mostly because they were considered unattainable paths to power. But what if humanity discovered some mysteries that could enhance our human experiences in such a way that it could truly revolutionize the way we pursue our potential.

Today, epigenetics, or the study of how environmental information is translated into gene expression, has been especially crucial to learning how the living cell converts environmental awareness into behavior, or signal transduction. [1] After decades of scientific discoveries, it is rapidly gaining momentum and is at the center of major advancements that better describe human development. 

In the very near future, the idea of epigenetics will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up, and will drive your actions throughout the day. Imagine each of your life experiences, enabling perceptions and interactions with nature, all which have an effect on which genes are read or not: genetic expression. [2] Here are 3 super useful discoveries introduced in the book, Conceptual Revolutions in Science by Adam B. Dorfman.  

Extremely Low Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic frequencies are critical to human health, and in fact, new scientific findings have discovered that our cells and DNA communicate using extremely low electromagnetic frequencies without we could not exist.

Schumann Resonance was discovered to be the principal background in the Earth’s electromagnetic spectrum and appears as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies (ELF), around 7.83 Hz. Scientific evidence now demonstrates that this frequency coincides with alpha rhythms produced by the human brain during meditation, relaxation and creativity. Research now suggests we are healthier beings when we tune into Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hz. [3]


A Balance Mind and Heart

Heart Math

According to Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at the HeartMath Research Center, the heart’s magnetic component is about 100 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body using a Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)-based magnetometers. Meanwhile, the electrical field, which is measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG), is about 60 times greater in strength than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG). While the brain has incredible functions, it is clear that only scientific knowledge of both the heart and mind will set us free from the limitations of our past knowledge. [4]

Heart Math and the Hearts Electromagnetic Field


The New Science of Epigenetics

After decades of scientific discoveries, we now know that feedback from environmental and social pressures not only vastly determines which genes can be expressed or not, but how they can even recode the human genome. It turns out there is definite causation between gene expression, thoughts and environment, which means that new genetics and environment are inseparable. [5] Conceptual Revolutions in Science considers the evidence and provides you high high level insights to understand the new science of epigenetics and how it will revolutionize our global industries.

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