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Concept Evolution is a progressive magazine that exclusively publishes 600 to 700-word articles, based on scientific evidence, in exciting new categories of science, to witness the rapid development and evolution of these new concepts. Our objective is to publish articles only on very meaningful scientific fields with a focus on the philosophy of science, with a healthy skepticism, along with implications.

We don’t have a desire to follow every single category of science that exists, like other websites such as IFLS. We want to selectively dedicate our time and resources to fields of study that are undergoing significant change, within an evolving philosophy of science framework, to enable new concepts to develop into mature scientific fields that will provide the platform for innovation and progress.

And, as drops of water come together to form a wave, we’ll together share new discoveries that have the power to change the world and build a website that becomes a leading destination for people have strong interests in better understanding the philosophy of emerging scientific fields of science and the development of scientific platforms of innovation. Overall, our thesis is that the discussion about epigenetics, and its larger implication on society, is reported within the wrong context in the mainstream media’s and online scientific websites.

Help the Public Discussion

Right now the goal is to get the word out about these discoveries within the right scientific context, healthy skepticism and help the public discussion in this very important moment in time to enable scientific progress for these progressive concepts. Our thesis is that the mainstream scientific channels are not giving enough attention to these new concepts, with the proper mindset, and, therefore, our website is needed to bring a better understanding of the philosophy of science required for these emerging concepts to become mature sciences that can serve as platforms for innovation and societal progress.

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Our current Summer internship opportunity has a HUGE success, but we will soon be accepting applications for an internship in the fall. Stay Tuned! But, feel reach out anytime so that we can start to get to know you 🙂

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