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Afghan journalist Zahra Joya was born in 1992. By profession, she is an Afghan journalist and also the founder of  Rukhshana Media. This year in 2022, journalist Zahra Zoya earned the crown of  ‘Time’s Women Of The Year’. Rukhshana Media especially shows the lives of Afghan women before and after the rule of the Taliban.

Even though Zahra Zoya is currently staying in the UK, but still she runs her news agency Rukhshana Media effectively. When the Taliban had captured the whole of Afghanistan, she fled from Kabul to London leaving behind everything excluding his news agency.

Time Magazine Has Chosen Afghan Journalist Zahra Joya Among Its Women Of The Year

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Even after losing everything, Zahra Joya was strong enough to continuously write articles about the Taliban invasion in Afghanistan. In 2020, when Zahra Joya decided to open her own news agency, she made sure to keep the aim strong as she wanted to write only about women.

Even before the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, women there had limited freedoms. Complete freedom was granted to very few women. Hence she decided to write the everyday lives of different women in Afghanistan. Her articles clearly mentioned both extreme suffering and liberty.

During her journey of putting up her new agency, she had to face a lot of humiliations, threats, and even killing warnings. All this negativity could not pull her down. Even during the Taliban attack, she wrote about the extremely bad condition specially afghan women were facing.

During the attacks, she joined hands with the agency ‘guardian’ for whom she started working. During her days in Afghanistan, she and journalists generally used to write articles without mentioning their name so that their lives don’t fall at risk.

Time Magazine Has Chosen Afghan Journalist Zahra Joya Among Its Women Of The Year

Zahra Joya tweeted after she earned the “time’s Women Of The Year”, “Although it has never been easy to be a woman and a journalist in Afghanistan, now our reporting has been almost eradicated”. 

Maybe right now no afghan woman can write due to the worst situation there, but Zoya claims to collect all information secretly about the present condition and still continues to write through her new agency.

Recently Joya was interviewed by Angelina Jolie for Time’s women of the year issue with a few other prestigious people.

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