Will Young Says: His Brother Suffered From Medical Emergency Before Pop Idol

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In a recent statement issued by Will Young, he opened up about how his late twin brother Rupert suffered a medical emergency just a few moments before he took the stage on Pop Idol back in the year 2002.

This article has been drafted in order to provide information about what Will Young had to say about the fact that his brother suffered a medical emergency just before Pop Idol. Sad, isn’t it?!

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Will Young Says: His Brother Suffered From Medical Emergency Before Pop Idol

The singer was reportedly aged 22 at that time. He explained how Rupert had made quite a lot of attempts on his own life. This series of attempts included the one just before he appeared on the show.

Rupert fell from Westminster Bridge in July 2020 at the age of 41 after he fought a long battle with depression and had a severe addiction to alcohol as well as painkillers.

Will reminded him how moments before he would sing his brother’s sticks on his wrists bursting open after a recent suicide attempt, on his Channel 4 documentary Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert.

He stated that “he suicide attempt, he cut his wrists, which started at 18 and remained so for years. I remember we were 22, I was Pop Idol auditions started moving to live TV and Rupert had cut his wrists in Bristol really badly. Then he came to the studios that weekend and his stitches burst open when I would go ahead and sing.”

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Will Young Says: His Brother Suffered From Medical Emergency Before Pop Idol

In addition to this, Will’s mother Annabel also said, ‘He was standing in the wings, you were about to move on, but his arm was dripping with blood. He would not go to the ambulance until he had seen that performance.

‘It’s a very common thing to think about cutting wrists. I thought, ‘I have to deal with it.’

Somewhere else in the documentary, Will gave an account of how Rupert would disappear ‘towards the end of his life on the street from time to time.

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