Why Will Smith Is ANGRY At Jaden Smith For BEING GAY – Everything We Know

Will Smith Is ANGRY At Jaden Smith For BEING GAY And DATING Tyler The Creator? Scroll down to know more. Jaden Smith is a popular rapper and actor who is also known as The Karate Kid star. He is the son of Pinket Smith. In the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness, he made his cinematic debut alongside his father Will Smith, and he reunited with him in the 2013 film After Earth.

What Does This Mean for Them?

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Will Smith ANGRY At Jaden Smith

When Jaden Smith was on stage at an award celebration recently, he told everyone that Tyler the inventor is his fucking  boyfriend, and Tyler, who was also present at the event, just laughed at him. Fans get curious about it and most of them are searching that what exactly does he means to say?? Here in this article, you will get detailed information about this scandal, so be with this article till the end to collect some interesting facts behind this scene.

So What After That?

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Tyler  responded to Jaden Smith’s tweet by stating, “You crazy f*cking ni**a.”As Jaden Smith moved to Twitter to declare, “You will not tell anybody, so told everybody that  you are my lover.”Tyler the creator, on the other hand, never denied it and simply accepted it as a joke.

Jaden Smith has never acknowledged his sexuality, but he has made several suggestions that he could be gay or something else. However, it appears that Jaden Smith’s father, Will Smith, does not support him and is furious with him for being so casual about such things.

Will Smith ANGRY At Jaden Smith

a few years ago, in an interview, Smith stated that he believes Jaden is stupid because he lacks the ability to keep secrets in his life. he should keep his private things a secret, That’s the reason Smith was Angry with Jaden, which is not fair according to Jaden’s fans. Because it’s not a big deal in this century.

Many fans believe that there is something between Tylor The Creator and Jaden Smith, but they never talk on this topic. So

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