Who Is The Kid In Avatar 2’s Official Teaser Trailer?

The big news is ready to be shared along with the new teaser of Avatar 2 which has been making a lot of noise all across the globe. Nonetheless, its fans are having a lot of big questions about the upcoming title. This article is written so that some of these questions are given an answer. 

It is a known fact that Avatar is looked upon as one of the biggest movies ever to be made in cinema. In addition to this, it has broken over a number of records at the box office as well as mentioned the part that the second installment of the show is expected to do the same.

Also mention the part that the authorities have recently dropped a teaser of Avatar: The Way of Water and though the fans are already putting up big discussions and talks on the title as what will be portrayed ahead as the big story will be continuing ahead from the previous installment to the upcoming one.

Is Avatar 2: The Way Of Water All Set To Arrive Soon With A Bigger Storyline? 

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Who Is The Kid In Avatar 2's Official Teaser Trailer?

The much-awaited sequel of Avatar is undoubted, going to be marvelous and huge but the makers are yet to reveal information regarding this upcoming installment. Also, how it would run with the storyline is yet to be disclosed. The first teaser of the title was recently released and though taking everyone back to Pandora and the Navi people and the fans are delighted to relive the experience once again whereas to mention that there is one human running along with the blue creature race and everyone has been raising over questions at the time as to who exactly that human is and what is his/her role in Avatar: The Way of Water.

Who Is The Kid In Avatar 2's Official Teaser Trailer?


The human which was featured in the trailer is Javier “Spider” Socorro. The character is played by Jack Champion. The audience is expected to see how Spider was born on Hell’s Gate but he was later rescued by Jake and Neytiri. Even though a good part of the story has been revealed in this part, Jake went on to save the boy at the time. On the other hand, it was Neytiri who always saw the boy as someone who would destroy her home and basically mentioned that she was never over this part and the producer has stated the background story.

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