Who is Abigail Shapiro? Ben Shapiro gets trolled for Strange Comments to say about his Sister

On social media, Shapiro was lambasted for two odd tweets about his sister Abigail Shapiro. However, eagle-eyed watchers quickly determined that they were fraudulent tweets created by a Reddit thread mocking conservative commentator Tomi Lahren.

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After two photographs of fraudulent tweets from Shapiro, the creator of The Daily Wire, and a prominent political pundit were shared online by his detractors, he became the target of vicious and abusive attacks. He was accused of fawning over his sister and being a conservative, and he was attacked for his conservative convictions.

The tweets were deleted shortly after because they had the appearance of being real. “The problem with homosexuality and transgenderism is that it all boils down to controlling one’s desires,” one fake tweet stated.”For example, a hot sister. You may think about her sexually, and you’ve stolen her underwear on a few occasions, but it stops there,” says one fraudulent post. Despite the fact that he frequently denounces fraudulent tweets, one appeared to show him complimenting his sister’s appearance. “Look at how lovely my sister is. She just glows. I’ve been looking at these pictures for hours,” it said, seemingly implying that he found her attractive.

Ben Shapiro strange comment on his sister


“Why would you want Twitter to know you have a thing for your sister, Ben Shapiro? Is this the place where you and Charlie Kirk go to work out your sexual issues? Why would you declare that on Twitter?” said another troll. One said, When the weasels appear, it’s magnificent. “Exhibit A,” as they say @Ben Shapiro is just sick. This is the consequence of sexual repression and a deep-rooted inferiority complex.

Criticism of Shapiro’s conservative views and beliefs had been anticipated. “This now-deleted tweet by Ben Shapiro, who’s probably talking about his younger sister Abby, makes me feel sorry and repulsed. “Find someone who looks at you the way Ben Shapiro looks at his sister,” another troll added.

Following a period of confusion and denial, it was revealed that the tweets were fraudulent and had been posted from a Reddit thread filled with bogus material. This prompted a slew of people to come to his defense as the attacks intensified.

“The first tweet from Ben Shapiro about “sister” wasn’t submitted until after the Reddit post, over a day later than the fabricated screenshot’s date. It’s hard to believe Twitter ignored it for a day,” said another skeptic.

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It’s from a Reddit thread in which people were fabricating false Shapiro tweets. You may use Google to check for evidence that it isn’t true, and you’ll find none from any major news source.

A third individual chimed in, “I’m not implying I enjoy memeing Ben Shapiro as much as the next guy; at the very least, do it with facts.”

Who is Abigail Shapiro?

Abigail Shapiro is Ben Shapiro’s younger sister. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 2017 with a degree in neuroscience. Abigail Shapiro describes herself as an “aspiring writer” who has written for The Observer, Refinery29, and Thought Catalog.

Who is Abigail Shapiro?Abigail Shapiro is a YouTuber and social media influencer who describes herself as “a wife, mama-to-be, an opera singer, an entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and your guide to becoming the classic woman you’ve always wanted to be.” She’s 29 years old and expecting her first child with her husband. 

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