What Is The Best Way To Help Ukraine Through A War?

We know how much messed up Ukraine is right now.  Situations are continuously becoming more and more dangerous for all the people living there. From February 24, 2022, Russia again started attacking Ukraine. It’s been thirteen days since Ukraine has been suffering from immense loss of food, water, clothing, and especially shelter. Thousands of people are crying for help.

In this hard time, as responsible people, we should send help from other countries so that the people of Ukraine can at least live and fight for their homeland. Countries like Australia, India, the USA, Pakistan have suggested Russia and Ukraine for a peace settlement but Russia is least interested to choose that option. As responsible citizens and out of humanity, one thing which we can do is contribute stuff for them. It can be food, clothes, dry stuff, sleeping mattresses, water bottles, money, anything right now will be more than enough for them.

Even many NGOs and charitable trusts have lent their helping hands towards Ukraine. Let’s see what are the ways we can through which we can reach them our valuable donations.

What Is The Best Way To Help Ukraine Through A War?


1. Donation Campaigns

You can donate dry eating stuff like biscuits, chips, cookies, cakes or you can also donate packed drinking water bottles, cold drinks, fruit juices via Food World Programme. Also, an official website has been created only for the Ukraine donations. Click on the link to donate right away. 

2. Through Social Media:

Many famous individuals or many volunteers of different helping organizations are posting many pictures with several links provided for our contribution. One such post that got viral within minutes of posting it was:

The above tweeter posts has several links which will take you to their official page and there you can contribute or donate what ever you feel like. Any small contribution will be a big one.

3. Pushing the Prime Minister or The Powerful Politicians For Few More Sanctions.

If one country gets united and stands together, write their Prime Minister or their President for more sanctions for Ukraine people, it will surely help them. Right now the Ukrainian people are in so much crisis that a tiny percentage of loss can make the situation worse. In this case, we should request our ruling parties, President and also the Prime Minister to bring forward their helping hands so that we can follow him and help the Ukraine people.
What Is The Best Way To Help Ukraine Through A War?
4. Several Protests:
Protests will help the Ukrainian people a lot. If the whole world comes together, including the high officials, Ukraine can be saved from further destruction. Schools, colleges, offices all have been shut down. Students are suffering when their age says them just to study. As responsible citizens, our duty is to stop this war with immediate action as later one day it might affect other countries as well.

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