Ukraine War: Military Chief Intelligence CONFIRMED PUTIN’s CANCER [Video]

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This article is drafted in order to provide information on the latest piece of news! From a number of news media sources, a video of a Russian oligarch has been doing a lot of rounds on the internet. The viral video had been recorded behind closed doors where he was heard saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “very ill with blood cancer”.

It was a Western venture capitalist who managed to tape the entire conversation in the middle of March. Needless to be said, it was done without the unnamed oligarch’s approval.

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Ukraine War: Military Chief Intelligence CONFIRMED PUTIN's CANCER [Video]

The oligarch claimed that Putin’s well-reported back problems are as good as a symptom of blood cancer. In addition to this, he also said that the president went through back surgery in October last year.

Apparently, the oligarch’s voice was authenticated and its identity was learned by the officials. However, they chose not to reveal the same considering that it would likely become a reason for state retaliation.

This secret recording made its presence in the midst of the ongoing assumption that was in relation to the Russian leader’s wellbeing.

During his public appearance on Victory Day, many people commented how Putin appeared to be limping and seated himself with a blanket over his lap. A number of videos have also surfaced online showing the said person tightly gripping a table and shaking without control over himself.

In the recent passing days, a Russian investigative news outlet maintained that Putin has thyroid cancer and that he had paid dozens of visits to a cancer surgeon in the last four years.

Given below is a video of the Ukraine war military intelligence chief about what he has to comment on in this scenario. He is shown to be very positive about the Russia-Ukraine war to meet its end by the end of the year. This is also what people from all across the globe hope for!

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In that infamous 11-minute recording, the unnamed oligarch was witnessed speaking unfavorably on the subject of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It was also said in the recording that “We all hope” Putin dies from cancer or a coup.

The oligarch was once part of a “close circle of only 20 to 30 people”. His acquaintance with Putin was in the year 2014 in wake of the annexation of Crimea. This gives us a hint as to the Russian leader putting his trust in him.

One of the oligarch’s connections reported that he is still in a position to provide “concrete information” about the inner workings of Putin’s world.

At present, while the oligarch lives outside the boundaries of Russia, the rumors regarding Putin’s health will be slowly revealed to the world with time.

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