Ukraine Russia Crisis: Irony Strikes Hardest as the Taliban Urges for a “Peaceful Settlement” – CR News

Nothing is new that the whole world is mourning over the Russia Ukraine war. It is not unknown to any of us that the Russia-Ukraine conflict started eight years back, that is in 2014. Now again the war reached its most dangerous point where the whole of Ukraine is suffering.

Not just that, the people of the whole world are claiming this to be “WORLD WAR 3”. When Ukraine’s situation worsened, countries like India, the USA, Canada, Australia, and China decided to make the situation of a peace agreement between the two fight countries.

Irony Strikes Hardest as the Taliban Urges for a Peaceful Settlement of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

Amongst the above countries, Afghanistan, which was captured by the Taliban last year also suggested maintaining peace with Russia. We know how bad and dangerous situations were when the Taliban decided to take over Afghanistan. Dead bodies were seen lying on the roads, several women were raped, children were prohibited from attending schools and colleges, women were fired from their workspaces, ordinary people lost their lives. Not just that many people fled from Afghanistan leaving behind all their belongings.

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After Kabul was captured by the Taliban, many international students and employers were brought back to their residential homes with utmost security. Even the aged people were not left alone but had to accept their ruthless behavior for days and months. After such dangerous and torturous situations, the Afghanistan government has raised its hand by voting in favor of peace in Ukraine.

According to several political views, it claimed that since Afghanistan had a very violent image for a very long time, to erase that Afghanistan Government has decided to take this step.  According to the Afghanistan government, this is the first move towards reorganizing the country and creating a completely new peaceful image.

Irony Strikes Hardest as the Taliban Urges for a Peaceful Settlement of the Ukraine-Russia Crisis

The Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mr. Muttaqi has released an official statement stating “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and expresses concern about the real possibility of civilian casualties.

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The Islamic Emirate calls for restraint by both parties. All sides need to desist from taking positions that could intensify violence.” With all other countries and nations, this time Afghanistan has also stood beside Ukraine.For More Follow Conceptual Revolutions

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