Stephen Lang Aka Colonel Quaritch: Returns from the Dead as a Na’vi in Avatar 2 Teaser

This article is drafted in order to provide details in relation to the latest movie news which has been creating a lot of storms as Avatar 2 has some big updates to be unfolded before its fans.

The Industry will be witnessing some very big movie titles coming up. It is, however, only a matter of time. We would never fail to mention the part that one of the most awaited titles is the sequel of Avatar which is currently the most talked-about topic among its fans in town for that matter.

It is also said that this upcoming movie will continue ahead as the first installment of the movie broke records at the box office and thus the second installment of the movie is expected to show similar results as well.

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Stephen Lang Aka Colonel Quaritch: Returns from the Dead as a Na’vi in Avatar 2 Teaser

The much-anticipated release date of the movie sequel is finally heading closer to us and we truly cannot wait to watch it. The makers have finally dropped the teaser trailer very recently.

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Avatar 2: The Way of Water will be Building a Big Storyline

The internet has been taken by the storm ever since the release of the teaser trailer of the title took place. With that, some big discussions and predictions have been considered. Avatar: The Way of Water will be making a big impact with the storyline but little is known till now as there have not been a lot of spoilers and other information from the title.

As a result, the fans have been successful in taking out some of the most potential clues and giving a big sign to everyone as to what is coming in the next installment of the title.

The first footage featured how Stephen Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch will be raised from the dead over time? In addition to this, the theory is in relation to how the mercenary will be now living in an Avatar body. Without any doubt, this has attracted a lot of viewers and attention on the internet at the period time.

Even though this news has not been confirmed yet at the given moment, the big tattoo on his arm and the military haircut gives us a clear hint that Colonel Miles Quaritch is expected to make an appearance in the upcoming masterpiece, Avatar: The Way of Water.

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