Stephen Colbert Slammed for Mocking Poor People, Says ‘He Drives a Tesla’

The news is known to everyone that gas prices have been soaring high with each passing day. With that said the poor and working-class people are not too happy and are finding it very difficult to manage. According to what reports have to say, the national average price for a gallon of gas has crossed the benchmark.

If you are someone residing in the United States, then a gallon of gas will cost you around $4.009. Apparently, this is the highest gas price since the 2008 financial crisis struck the economy down! The citizens are directly questioning the Democratic Party. Keeping that in mind, Stephen Colbert‘s latest comment on gas prices will certainly shock you as well.

Want to know what the reputed American comedian has to say? Well, all you are required to do is scroll down this article in order to get the desired information.

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Is Stephen Colbert Ready To Pay $15 For A Gallon Of Gas?


Trolls have been constantly targeting Stephen Colbert. Why…you may ask? The hatred comes after his recent tweet on gas prices. His tweet has caused huge havoc among the common crowd out there. Looks like his joke backfired on him instead. The surge in gas prices has no effect on Colbert as the comedian drives one of the finest Tesla models available in the market.

He happily said in a statement that he will pay $4 for a gallon of gas. That’s not all; he does not even mind paying $15 for a gallon of gas! What people would not be aware of is that Tesla happens to be an electric car. As a result, it is quite apparent that the surge in gas prices surely does not seem to bother him at all. But the poor people are badly stuck in this chaotic situation. 

The Poor Bear The Load Of The Gas Prices!

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Stephen Colbert Slammed for Mocking Poor People, Says ‘He Drives a Tesla’

It is needless to mention that the pressure upon poor Americans is increasing day by day. They are extremely fed up with the government’s decision! Also, the stress among the crowd is greater than ever in these tough times.

All eyes are currently glued on the US government hoping for some reduction in gas prices. The poor American people have their hopes on the US Government and are expecting the country administration to make a move.

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