So That’s Why Queen Cancelled Two Virtual Engagements To Rest Her ‘Croaky Voice’

The Queen for the timing postponed two more virtual engagements yesterday as she is still suffering from the effects of Covid 19. 95-year-old monarch also canceled virtual engagements on Tuesday just because she wasn’t feeling well. However Head of State did hold her telephone audience with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday.

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The Queen has decided to run off high-profile events coming up such as Diplomatic Reception at Windsor next Wednesday. The Queen is expecting to attend the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 14, and then Philip’s Memorial on March 29.

So That's Why Queen Cancelled Two Virtual Engagements To Rest Her 'Croaky Voice'

According to tot the latest news, the Queen was forced to cancel every meeting because of her terrific throat. Previously she was affected by Covid 19. Not only her but first her younger son and his wife were affected. Later Queen was also affected. Even though she did not do a covid test right now, it could be seen that her throat had a very bad condition as she was affected by covid.

Later on Wednesday morning, she ended up canceling her two pre-planned virtual engagements because according to reports, she is still sounding a “little croaky: and is “full of cold”.

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She has still kept her isolated from everyone as she is affected by the coronavirus. The whole news has been reported by the royal. The 95-year-old head of the State has been tested positive on last Sunday.

Even though she canceled all the engagements on Tuesday, she made sure to hold the telephone audience with Boris Johnson on Wednesday. The Royals said that yesterday’s cancellations were made because the monarch “understandably still sounds full of cold”. They also mentioned that there was nothing alarming about and the Queen seemed to be “on the mend”.

So That's Why Queen Cancelled Two Virtual Engagements To Rest Her 'Croaky Voice'

Presently the Queen is under constant care and is recovering slowly. The Queen continues to rest at Windsor Castle and is feeling much better than before. Previously Buckingham Palace had announced on Sunday that the Queen had been tested positive for covid. At first, the Queen had symptoms like a ‘mild cold’. During that time, the Queen continued to complete her ‘light duties’.

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