She ‘Didn’t Feel Safe’ on ‘Fury Road,’ Charlize Theron Claims!! Needed Female Director

Mad Max: Fury Road was not only dangerous on-screen but off-screen as well. “It got to a place where it was quite out of hand.” 

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Charlize Theron opened up about how playing Furiosa proved to be difficult in many ways. She revealed that she and co-star, Tom Hardy ended up in a heated argument disagreeing with each other along almost every step of the movie production.

“It was like two parents in the front of the car,” Theron said. “We were either fighting or we were icing each other – I don’t know which one is worse – and (our co-stars) had to deal with it in the back. It was horrible! It was not a conducive working environment… I apologize profusely.” 

She also revealed that their fights got to a point where she felt that Hardy was being quite aggressive and the need of their producer Denise De Novi was a necessity. 

Charlize Theron Admits She Was 'In Survival Mode' On 'Mad Max' Set
Charlize Theron Admits She Was ‘In Survival Mode’ On ‘Mad Max’ Set

A specific argument over Hardy showing late to work, led to Charlize Theron condemning the Dark Knight Rises star being “disrespectful”. She is also reported to have sworn at Hardy and demanding that he pay “a hundred thousand dollars for every minute that he’s held up the crew.”

Vanity Fair also reports that Theron said, “It got to a place where it was kind of out of hand, and there was a sense that maybe sending a woman producer down could maybe equalize some of it, because I didn’t feel safe. I kind of put my foot down. George then said, “Okay, well, if Denise comes . . .” He was open to it and that kind of made me breathe a little bit, because it felt like I would have another woman understanding what I was up against.” 

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Even the camera operator had something to say on the palpable tension they were met with while on the set. “I remember vividly the day,” Mark Goellnicht said. “The call on set was eight o’clock. Charlize got there right at eight o’clock, sat in the War Rig, knowing that Tom’s never going to be there at eight even though they made a special request for him to be there on time. He was notorious for never being on time in the morning. If the call time was in the morning, forget it — he didn’t show up.”

Further details of the incident have been mentioned in a book about the making of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015).

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