Sally Kellerman Death Cause: Oscar-Nominated ‘MASH’ Actress Dies At 84

Oscar-nominated ‘MASH’ actor Sally Kellerman dies at 84. Kellerman died of heart failure at her home.

The actor who played Margaret “hot lips” Houlihan in director Robert Altman’s 1970 film “MASH, Sally Kellerman has reportedly died at the age of 84.

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her manager and publicist Alan Eichler confirmed the death of Kellerman at her home in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles because died of heart failure.

Sally Kellerman Death Cause: Oscar-Nominated 'MASH' Actress Dies At 84

Kellerman with a career of more than 60 years in film and television would always be best known for playing Major Houlihan, a straitlaced, by-the-book Army nurse who is distressed by unruly doctors during the Korean War in the army comedy “MASH.”

She played other various roles like a college professor who was returning student Rodney Dangerfield’s love interest in 1986 “Back to School.” She was a regular in Altman’s films and has made an appearance in 1970’s “Brewster McCloud,” 1992’s “The Player” and 1994’s “Ready to Wear.”

in a 1970 TV interview she mentioned “It was a very freeing, positive experience,” she continued For the first time in my life I took chances, I didn’t suck in my cheeks or worry about anything.” Also stating that Altman brought out the best in her.

Sally Clare Kellerman, the daughter of a piano teacher and an oil executive was born in 1937 in Long Beach, California and moved to Los Angeles as a child, and was attending Hollywood High School.


Jazz singing being her first field of interest she signed a contract with Verve Records at the age of 18. until 1972 she didn’t put out any music when she released the album “Roll With the Feeling.”

She worked mostly in television early in her career, with a lead role in 1962’s “Cheyenne” and guest appearances on “The Twilight Zone, “The Outer Limits,” “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” and “Bonanza.”

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In the early of her career, she would mostly work in television but her work in the original “Star Trek” pilot as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner gave her a lot of love from fans.

Sally Kellerman Death Cause: Oscar-Nominated 'MASH' Actress Dies At 84

She worked in her 80s with several television performances in her final years. She starred in the comedy series “Decker” and worked as comedian Mark Maron’s mother on his series “Maron.”

On Thursday, Maron recalled her experience working with “Sally Kellerman was fantastic and easy to work with,” “My real mother was seriously tickled and a little envious.” I’m sorry she’s gone.

Kelly married television producer Rick Edelstein from 1970 to 1972 and Jonathan D. Krane movie producer from1980 until he died in 2016.

She is survived by her son Jack and daughter Claire.

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