Rihanna’s “iconic” Response To Being Told She Was Late For Dior Show- CR News

People can’t get enough of Rihanna’s ‘iconic’ response to being told she’s late to Dior show

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When you’re a global superstar, the owner of a best-selling beauty line, and an all-around fashion icon, it appears that time isn’t always of importance.

On Tuesday, 1 March, several passersby learned this hard when they attempted to inform Rihanna that she was “late” for the Dior autumn/winter 2022 show in Paris.

The pregnant mother displayed her latest maternity style as she made her way past a mob of photographers and fans in a video uploaded on Twitter.
A witness can be heard loudly saying, “you’re late, you’re late,” as paparazzi gathered to shoot the 34-year-old.

Rihanna's "iconic" Response To Being Told She Was Late For Dior Show

Rihanna’s reaction? “No sh*t,” he responded with a straight face.

Users praised the Anti singer for her snarky reply, and the exchange instantly went viral on social media.

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One commenter remarked, “I could watch this 1,000 times and still get chills; what a f***ing boss.”

Another person said, “Iconic answer.” “That woman must be new around here,” a third individual wrote. She isn’t late; you all are simply early.”

Many Twitter users have already made a meme out of the exchange. “Me clocking into work 15 minutes late because of Starbucks,” one person captioned the video.
Rihanna also made headlines for her Dior show attire, which focused attention on her growing baby bulge.

In January, the Fenty Beauty entrepreneur revealed she had her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky in a series of paparazzi photos showing her traversing New York City streets wearing a vintage Karl Lagerfeld coat that was open to showcase her swelling stomach.

The look has been synonymous with Rihanna in the years since, with the singer exposing her stomach on multiple occasions.

She showed up in a sheer black tulle empire line baby doll dress with micro polka dots, which she wore over matching lace panties on Tuesday.

Her outfit was completed by a black leather trench coat draped loosely around her shoulders, knee-high boots, and Chrome Hearts necklaces.

Rihanna's "iconic" Response To Being Told She Was Late For Dior Show

Fans have lauded her appearance, with one Twitter user saying, “I adore that Rihanna’s goal is to be the best pregnant woman alive.”

“I’ve been trying and failing for hours to come up with the right words to describe how fantastic this is. Another commented, “Just flawless in every way.”

Rihanna told Refinery29 in February that she planned to dress sexily during her pregnancy to defy cultural norms.

“When women get pregnant, society makes it feel like you hide your sexy and that you’re not hot right now [but] you’ll get back there, and I don’t believe in that sh*t,” she explained.

“As a result, I’m attempting things that I wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t been pregnant.” For me, the strappiest, thinnest, and most cut-outs, the better.”

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