xHelper: Researchers Discover a Secret Behind “Unkillable” Android Malware

An Android Malware  “xHelper”  is the most dangerous in one’s mobile phone. Downloading xHelper is a very easy process but once you try to delete it, it can be super tough and a lengthy process. But let’s see what actually an xHelper is. An xHelper is such a malware that after installing gets hold of all your folders and personal data.

These folders and private data can be accessed by professional hackers which plays a very big role in getting all your financial data. Later, during any sort of transaction, this provides all the data to the hackers which helps them trace your bank accounts and then transfer your money from your account to theirs. The xHelper is scientifically known as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Helper. h.

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This Android malware is so dangerous and powerful that even after rebooting your smartphone, this does not erase. Once you download this software, it stays forever in your phone exploiting all your personal data. 

Researchers Discover a Secret Behind "Unkillable" Android Malware 'xHelper'

Once downloaded, Trojan-Dropper. Android OS. Helper. h, it automatically and continuously gets updated by itself which forces the smartphone to download malicious files in huge numbers. The Trojan-Dropper. Android OS. Helper. h can only be supported by Android mobile phones. Windows or especially in iOS (Apple phone), these malware becomes weak to show its work. Most commonly a Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS. Helper. h. attacks smartphones that work on Android 7 and Android 8.

xHelper: Researchers Discover a Secret Behind "Unkillable" Android Malware 3

The xHelper virus was detected in 2019 after more than forty thousand smartphones got affected by it. Within six months, the number of attacks went on increasing consistently, reporting more than fifty thousand smartphones being affected and more than three thousand bank accounts hacked.

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In 2020, the cases went on increasing, and the count of hacking and transferring huge counts of cash got more common all over the world. But gradually, the professionals got into the matter to put some immediate action to avoid the increasing numbers. To date this virus is active but the number of attacks has reduced a lot since a greater number of people are fully aware of this issue.

But even today, multiple cases are being reported. Hence it is our prime responsibility to check and study each point before installing any software or application. For More Follow Conceptual Revolutions

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