Post Malone Says ‘kindness’ Is The Most Important Trait About Becoming A Father

Can you imagine that Post has been upgraded to be a father? Well, the news is complete truth and fresh. While some cannot picture him as a father figure, some are very excited about this new turn in his life. He has been spreading his enthusiasm ever since this great news broke out on the internet regarding the new addition to the family. Nevertheless, the name of his child is yet not communicated to any of the news media and has been kept a complete secret.

When talk show host Jimmy Fallon interviewed the rapper, he asked him questions in relation to his pregnancy preparations to which the latter answered, “People ask me like, ‘Oh, what do you want to be as a dad?’” he went on to point out “Just kindness is the most important thing for me.”

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Post Malone Says 'kindness' Is The Most Important Trait About Becoming A Father

In a previous statement issued by Malone whose real name is Austin Richard Post, he shared, “I am excited for this next chapter in my life.” He added saying that, “I am the happiest I have ever been,” as he noted that in the near future to come, he would want to re-evaluate his life. He mentioned the need to take out time and take proper care of his body as well as his family and friends.

In the meanwhile, the rapper also discussed his new album, Twelve Carat Toothache. He stated, “For the longest time, I lost my passion for making music. I lost that drive.”

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Post Malone Says 'kindness' Is The Most Important Trait About Becoming A Father

In addition to this, he went on to explain how he broke out of his mood, “But then there was this one moment that snapped—because it is been three years just about—and one moment that snapped and said, ‘You know what? This is why I am here and this is what I want to do. This is what I was meant to do, was make medium music for people to enjoy.”

Also on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the former had Malone go in with him for a new game called “Point, Turn, Sip”. In this particular game, each was required to point in a direction, while the other had to try not to match their movement. Tell us how happy you are for Post Malone. 

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