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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 In Pre-Production, And Margot Robbie Has Been Casted: Confirmed By Producer

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had any news about “Pirates of the Caribbean 6.” But now that production on the movie is gearing up, director Jerry Bruckheimer has finally broken his silence. In a new interview, he revealed some details about what to expect from the next installment in the franchise.

This article is drafted in relation to understanding what will happen to the gigantic franchise series of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. This comes after the protagonist is facing the messy legal feud against his ex-wife, Amber Heard in real life and this is greatly affecting his reputed position. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has lately become the talk of the town. Keeping the same in mind, the talented director of the franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer has finally issued a statement regarding this most-anticipated movie.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 In Pre-Production, And Margot Robbie Has Been Casted

It has almost been half a decade since we got a glimpse of the last movie. Fans of Johnny Depp were shaken to the top when news came how that he had been confiscated from the franchise all together. It will come as no shock that Depp’s performance in the previous movie sequels was mind-blowing and extraordinary.

Jack Sparrow (his character name) is remembered by all because of Johnny Depp. It was said that after the removal of Depp, the director and producer got someone else roped in to be part of the movie. It is none other than Margot Robbie.

Are there a Pirates of the Caribbean 6 in the works, with Margot Robbie? Has the Producer Confirmed This Information?

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As per a number of reports, Jerry Bruckheimer is all set to resume his work on Pirates of the Caribbean 6, and for that reason; he is in talks with Margot Robbie to play a role in the movie. He has made his decision to take Margot Robbie in the franchise. From what we know yet, she will be playing the main lead character of the movie. Also, she is very excited to be part of this venture.

Will Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Happen Without Johnny Depp?

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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 In Pre-Production, And Margot Robbie Has Been Casted

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We are sure that this is one of the main questions wandering about every reader’s mind at the moment. Depp’s fans cannot keep calm and want to know whether he will be working in the upcoming movie or not. They are surely keeping their hopes high as we now anticipate that the show will go on without the great services of Johnny Depp.

Nevertheless, the audience would die to see him in Pirates of the Caribbean 6! But as per our studies, this may not be possible. From what Johnny issued in a statement earlier, he said that he is no longer interested to make a comeback! He has definitely chosen his own fate and we cannot help but respect that.

Fan’s Reaction On Pirates Of The Caribian Without Jhonny Depp:

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