Pete Davidson Mentions Kim Kardashian As His “Girlfriend” For The First Time, In An Interview

  • Pete Davidson has identified his relationship with Kim Kardashian
  • Pete Davidson is not on social media
  • His personal life is of little concern to him because his fans’ interest in it is “0”.

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Davidson also opened up about another big development in his life, and this one has nothing to do with his weekend job or his relationship status. As joked about on a recent episode of “SNL,” Davidson and Colin Jost literally bought a boat

A group of investors spent 280,000 for the decommissioned ferryboat on January 20 with plans to transform it into a destination hot spot Bill Hader’s Stefon would be proud to hang out in. It almost sounds like one of his skits.

Pete Davidson Mentions Kim Kardashian As His "Girlfriend"

Davidson and Colin Jost’s new business venture has a bar, restaurant, and entertainment space, so it will likely be a place where the two can hang out with friends.

Davidson joked that his 1st purchase could go to s**t and he’ll have to do lots of gigs next year.

The couple are still living separately, which is probably for the best anyway. They’ve only been dating for about 3 months and they’re still learning new things about each other.

They seem to be very tolerant and respectful of each other’s busy schedule and Kim spent time in NYC for her ‘KUWTK’ filming before heading back to Calabasas for the Golden Globes.

Kim visited Pete at his apartment, where he seems to be living alone in a 3 bedroom home for now after purchasing it in August.

Kim and Kanye have been living apart since the robbery, but there’s no official news on when they’ll be moving back into their Bel Air mansion which was fully repaired after the incident.

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According to new reports, Kim has already fired her entire security team and plans to move back home with her children as soon as possible.

Pete Davidson Mentions Kim Kardashian As His "Girlfriend" For The First Time, In An Interview 4

Kim has been staying at Kris’ family mansion in Hidden Hills, but they’ve been traveling together from Bel Air once a week so the kids can spend time with their dad.

Kim and Kanye have a huge commercial space on the ground floor of their home that is now available, but they still have to maintain the 4th floor living quarters for now. People are calling it ‘the new hideout.’

It’s interesting that no one has leaked any information about whether or not Kim and Kanye will be attending the Golden Globes together next week.

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