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We all know that NHS or National Health Service is completely a funded healthcare system located in England. National Health Service or NHS has earned the second position in the whole world after being declared the largest single-payer healthcare system after Brazil’s most prestigious healthcare system ‘Sistema Único de Saúde’.

Right at this moment, the internet is flooded with the news that ‘NHS charges are putting pregnant migrant women in dangerous situations. The present situation can be analyzed and could be said that NHS is demanding early payment from organizations who are spared or from people who are absolved.

Pregnant Migrant Women Were Put At Risk By False Charges The NHS is charging these costs for medical expenses and other expenses needed for pregnant women. Women with severe mental disorders or pregnant ladies who work as daily migrants are charged heavy maternity or delivery bills knowing the fact that they do not have any permanent job or receive a minimum amount of money for their daily household expenses.

Recently there has been a report published that the Maternity Rights Groups has already given an ultimatum to the NHS and the other related trusts to immediately stop this action of theirs.

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Recently few cases have been released which have proved that NHS and other related trusts have demanded heavy amounts which cannot be paid by the migrants. Last week one case was encountered where it was revealed that a migrant pregnant lady was charged $5000 for her delivery.

Another case that came into the spotlight was a trust asking for $800 as monthly recompensation from a pregnant woman for whom it was obvious that she could not afford to pay. Several pregnant ladies are scandalized after hearing such heavy amounts.

Pregnant Migrant Women Were Put At Risk By False Charges

A lawyer named Christine Benson announced that is illegal to demand money for maternity purposes from a woman. This random money charging cases were not so common previously. But in the last year, the number of cases related to this topic has increased so much that right now it has become one of the breaking news all over England.

The director of Maternity Action Mr. Ros Bragg has commented that a huge number of women are thinking twice before visiting for their appointments. This news has really made the pregnant ladies worry about their maternity phase and delivery conditions.

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