New Thor: Love and Thunder Merch Teases Thor’s New Journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Yes, you read the article title correctly! Finally, after a long period of time, on April 18th, 2022; we got acquainted with the first teaser trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder. In the said teaser, the audience can get to witness see the philosophy between Thor and the Guardians. In this new merch of Thor: Love and Thunder, we expect the fans to know how Guardians convinced Thor to come on the Battlefield.

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The teaser of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, tells us that Thor will be retiring from his superhero kind of work and set on the path in order to discover who exactly he is. In the ending of Avengers: Endgame, Thor is going with Guardians of the Galaxy and entrusting the responsibility of New Asgard in the hands of Valkyrie. In this movie, we shall get to see a new philosophy of Thor as he wishes to step down from his superhero things.

In the merch of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, Guardians will be seen convincing Thor to come and battle. For those who did not have any idea, let us tell you all that ‘Thor Love and Thunder is scheduled to make its grand release in theatres on July 8th, 2022.

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About Thor: Love and Thunder Merch

New Thor: Love and Thunder Merch Teases Thor's New Journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy

Many merchandises of Thor: Love and Thunder have come out and sources have found many leaks from them. These leaks include the look of Gorr The God Butcher even though Marvel did not reveal its official look yet. In addition, in this new merch, we will see a new armored Thor as well as a new look of Peter Quill. With these looks of characters, we get to see some portrayal of Thor that states “Long after the Avengers defeat Thanos, The Guardians of the Galaxy must convince Thor to return to the Battlefield!”


This description gives us a clear idea about how the Guardians will try to convince Thor in order to come to the Battlefield. From what the teaser suggested, Thor is going away from the fight, but in the early days, the fight actually meant Thor. There is a mention of a dialogue in the teaser by him that say the following lines – “these hands were once used for battles, now they are but humble tools of peace”. This movie will show a different version of Thor. It will show him as a very calm and composed human being.

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