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NCT Dream a very popular music band in South Korea is initiating an online concert titled “Glitch Mode”. The NCT Dream band which consists of seven south Korean boys has won millions of hearts all this while. Today they planning to celebrate their massive come back by organizing an online concert  “Glitch Mode” where they have decided to communicate with their fans as well. Not just communicate, they will also be seen performing their own songs from their brand new album.

NCT DREAM To Celebrate Their Return With Online Concert 'Glitch Mode" Dream Stage" - CR News 5

The NCT Dream members re-issued their group in 2020 after all their seven members reached the legal age that 18. The real names of the seven members of the NCT Dream band are Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. According to the SM Entertainment producers, the NCT DREAM band has decided to hold a paid online concert. Till date the date of holding the concert has not yet been finalized but it is obvious that they will be holding it somewhere in the last week of March. Their last superhit song was “HOT SAUCE” which released in June 2021, that is quite a long time back. After that song, their fans were waiting for their next release eagerly. Lets find out what they have actually tweeted.


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Did NCT Dream band really announce their show date?

NCT DREAM To Celebrate Their Return With Online Concert 'Glitch Mode" Dream Stage" - CR News 6


Yes, you are right. They have scheduled their concert date and according to that, they will be performing online on April 5, 2022. Also just before the online concert, the NCT DREAM band will be releasing their album “Glitch Mode”. Yes, absolutely this is a piece of very good and exciting news for all their fans. According to their Instagram and tweeter posts, the upcoming album will release on March 28, 2022, all over the world. But the tickets for the show have not yet been started. Also, we are still unaware of the cost of each ticket for the online show. 

After this announcement, the band got mixed reviews as quite a few fans were upset because of their online comeback.  Not just that, but they were also disappointed with the fact that the concert is a full paid concert even though it’s online. On the other hand, few people who stay out of Korea were super happy to find out about the online comeback of the NCT DREAM band.

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