Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso? Full Info: Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife Biography, Age And Net Worth

Do you recognize Nadine Caridi? If you’re not aware of her modeling career, you may recall her as Jordan Belfort’s stockbroker wife. The pair met in the late 1980s and fell in love. Their fairy tale romance, on the other hand, did not last long, but she stayed in the spotlight even after their divorce.

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Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?
Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?

Nadine Caridi, better known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge, was born in London, England, on December 24th, 1967. She is of British-American origin and has the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Despite being a model, her modeling career did not live up to her reputation as Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife.

Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?

Nadine’s current husband is john Macaluso, and as per the rumors: Nadine will divorce john because he is spending his money on young models. Rumors said: john spent most of his time with young models and he has affairs with some models as well. Let’s wait what will be the next step from Nadin’s end?

Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?
Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?



Nadine Caridi dreamed of being a model as a youngster, and after becoming the Miller Lite brand’s poster girl, her career took on a new life. She has done several national ads. But nothing can compete with the bar she set while dating Jordan.

When the model married Jordan, she decided to retire from modeling. She resumed her academic career after her divorce from a notorious stockbroker with her doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Nadine went on to become a career counselor and family therapist, both of which are part-time jobs. She is now known as Nadine Macaluso. She believes in the therapeutic power of therapy and its effectiveness because it helps individuals reconnect with their authentic selves.

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Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?
Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?


You may be shocked to learn that Nadine did not legally change her name to Nadine Belfort after the marriage, so maybe there never was a genuine connection between Nadine and Jordan’s relationship, and it was all a big public relations stunt. Despite the fact that Naomi does not change her name to Naomi Belfort in the film, we must maintain that Jordan remained faithful to real-life events.

Net Worth

Nadine has a distinguished presence and is endowed with her aesthetic and courtly skills. She is now 56 years old. For most of her life, she has been a therapist, and after divorcing Jordan Bellfort. She eventually resumed working as a therapist only after some time had passed.

Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?
Nadine Caridi Divorcing John Macaluso?


Nadine’s net worth is believed to be $5 million. We think she received an equitable share of her divorce settlement with Jordan Belfort. After all, he was, by all accounts, a millionaire. Nadine earns a substantial sum as a therapist, therefore the majority of her net worth is the result of hard work and perseverance.

Why Did Nadine Leave Jordan?

Nadine and Jordan’s marriage was a shining example of a genuine, high-class extravaganza that rapidly went sour. From 1991 until 2005, the pair were wed to one another. She departed Jordan due to his fraudulent stock trading activities, imprisonment sentence, extramarital love affairs, addictions, and domestic abuse.

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What Is Nadine Caridi Doing Now?

Nadine Caridi is wed to former entrepreneur John Macaluso. She resides in Florida and works as a mental health professional. Dr. Nae is recognized among her patients as Nadine Caridi Dr. Nae’s $5 million net worth is mostly due to her education and hard work as a clinical psychologist.

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