Moon Knight Season 2 Renewed? Oscar Isaac Confirmed Moon Knight Season 2 In 2024

Well, let us tell you that Moon Knight season 2 is one of the hot topics in town and why should it be! Marvel fans are hoping to witness yet another amazing season of the show. With that said, there is absolutely no doubt that people love to watch Oscar Isaac take on the role of the epic Marvel superhero, Moon Knight!

In recent days, we witnessed the epic finale episode of Moon Knight! The fact that season 1 ended brought sadness among the masses. However, the main question now arrives whether we will get to see more of Oscar Isaac in upcoming Marvel movies and series or not?!

Will there be Moon Knight season 2? Did Oscar Isaac confirm Moon Knight season 2? If yes, when? Well, to know all the above answers, all you are required to do is scroll down this article.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Is Happening- Are The Rumours True?

Moon Knight Season 2 Renewed? Oscar Isaac Confirmed Moon Knight Season 2 In 2024

As unfortunate as it might get, Disney has already released a statement. Just like most of the Marvel series out there, Moon Knight is also a limited series. Needless to mention, the series has been sensational for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

True marvel fans completely went bonkers over Oscar Isaac’s performance! Mohamed Diab was interviewed and asked if Moon Knight season 2 has any possibility to which the renowned episode director of Moon Knight stated that nothing can be predicted at the moment. He further said that Marvel works in a very different way.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Renewed? Oscar Isaac Confirmed Moon Knight Season 2 In 2024

There are fat chances for the Marvel series to renew for its second installment. What is more, of late, Marvel’s deleted tweet has served as fire to the bushes. Previously, Marvel tweeted about Moon Knight Episode 6 where they mentioned it as the series finale. But within a couple of minutes, the tweet was deleted and a new tweet was released!

This time it was mentioned as the season finale! This goes on to suggest that season 2 can be in the works. If you still have not watched Moon Knight episode 6, we highly suggest you watch it right away! One has an option to check it out, exclusively on Disney Plus.

When it comes to Marvel and its related subjects, one really cannot foresee the upcoming fate of any of its superhero characters! At this point in time, anything and everything can be seen as a possibility in the enormous and famous Marvel world.

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