Mona Lisa: Man Dressed As Old Woman Attack’s On Mona Lisa Painting With A Cake

A male figure seemingly disguised as an old woman in a wheelchair launched a cake at the Louvre’s glass barrier protecting the Mona Lisa and urged visitors to consider Earth.

Following Sunday’s episode, the 36-year-old man was detained by police and sent to a psychiatric unit, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. It also announced that it had opened an inquiry into the destruction of cultural items.

Videos on social media showed a young man in a wig and makeup who had arrived in a wheelchair. The individual, whose full identity or connections are unknown, was also seen flinging roses at gawking visitors along with the museum’s gallery.

Mona Lisa: Man Dressed As Old Woman Attack's On Mona Lisa Painting With A Cake

On the glass, the cake attack created a noticeable white creamy smudge, but Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned work wasn’t harmed.

A man dressed as an old woman in a wheelchair threw a cake at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris, which appeared to be a protest against environmentalism.

Video footage posted on social media shows security guards escorting the wig-wearing protester out of the gallery as he pleaded with the startled visitors: “Consider the Earth. There are individuals who harm the environment. Consider it carefully. Artists urge you to consider the planet. That’s why I did this.”

The guards were then filmed cleaning the smeared cream from the window. A Louvre statement confirmed that a patisserie had damaged a work of art at the museum.

The masterpiece has been taken or destroyed:

Mona Lisa: Man Dressed As Old Woman Attack's On Mona Lisa Painting With A Cake

The revered 16th-century Byzantine masterpiece has long been a target of vandalism.

In 1911, a museum employee took the painting without permission. This boost in popularity helped to make the painting world famous.

The glass was also destroyed in an acid attack carried out by a vandal in the 1950s, and it has been kept behind glass since then.

In 2009, a Russian woman threw a ceramic cup at it, smashing the cup but not damaging the glass or artwork.

Some Twitter Reactions To This Incident:

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