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Mercedes autonomous driving tech gets certified before Tesla’s


Mercedes-Benz obtained approval on Thursday for its “level 3” autonomous driving system, which allows the driver to look away from the road in certain situations. It will market it before Tesla, from 2022.

The automaker is “the world’s first automotive group” to be licensed to market highly autonomous vehicles that comply with the UN-R157 standard, where permitted by local law. A “level 3” self-driving car – there will be 5 in total – can drive without human intervention in certain specific situations.

The first customers will be able to purchase Mercedes equipped with Driver Assistance in Germany from the first half of 2022, where the use of these vehicles has been incorporated into the legislative framework.

The system can then only be used in heavy traffic on motorways, with a maximum speed of 60 km / h.

The device provides that the driver can check e-mail, browse the Internet or watch a movie on the car’s central display, but he must be able to intervene at all times if the system asks him to do so. If it does not respond within a certain period of time, the car will stop automatically “in a safe manner”.

“Tests of the system are underway in the United States and China,” notes Daimler, which thus holds a lead over all other manufacturers, including Tesla, which has communicated a lot about its system, which has experienced some failures.

There is no doubt, however, that after bringing rockets to their launch pad, Elon Musk finds the solution to join Mercedes. But at this stage, autonomous driving marketed by Tesla requires an attentive driver at all times, supervising the operations of the on-board computer (a so-called “level 2” assistance)

Elon Musk’s company, a pioneer in electric and autonomous mobility, has also come under fire from the US regulator, which accuses it of having ignored its recommendations on the driver assistance system.

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