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Longmire Season 7 Release Date Announced By Netflix – Everything We Know

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Longmire Season 7 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.  Longmire is a modern western series based on  “Walt Longmire Mysteries” by “Craig Johnson”. The story has been loved by many and attracted a lot of loyal audiences who have been quite desperate for the arrival of the new season. After the end of season 6, fans were immediately waiting for season 7 to come up. This crime/mystery fiction has gained a lot of popularity. Read more to find out whether there will be a season 7 or not?

What Is Longmire About? 

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Longmire Season 7

Longmire was first released on June 3, 2012, on the A&E network, It is an American modern Western crime drama with a lot of added suspense and mystery. It is about a Sheriff, Walt Longmire,  in Absaroka County, Wyoming, who

investigates serious major crimes within his jurisdiction with the help of his staff, friends, and his daughter.

Walt Longmire is a dedicated man who was widowed not long time ago. Swallowing the bitter truth of the loss of his beloved life, putting his pain and suffering aise, and putting on a brave face, he knew he had to turn his life around not only for himself but also for his daughter, Cady. With the help of a new female deputy, Vic, He runs for re-elections. He feels betrayed when we were opposed by a young deputy, Branch, in the elections. He was dead serious about his job and had extreme dedication. His friend Henry, often provided him with insight and also helped him in solving many cases. He supported and helped him while Longmire decided to rebuild his private and professional life.

It became the most popular series on the A&E network. The first three seasons were aired on the A&E network from September 10, 2015, to November 17, 2017.

Previously In Longmire Season 6:

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The end of season 6 of Longmire surely made a lot of viewers happy with the way all the characters have been shaped and grown. It gave shape to a lot of things and resolved a number of lingering problems and actually gave a happy ending at the end of the season. Longmire started to return to a more after the revelation that Malachi Strand (Graham Greene)  was the real villain who tried to kill almost everyone throughout the entire season. 

Longmire relied on his deputies Vic Moretti and Ferg and his closest friend, Henry, to solve and investigate all his cases that infected their County Wyoming with drugs and corruption. Cady, who was in the good graces of the Cheyenne nation in season 5, fell out of the good graces this season. She lost all of her clients after her incident with a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever. She wanted to leave the town but stayed for a man named Zach who once was almost fired by Walt. Vic was pregnant by the end of season 5 but, she was shot and sadly had a miscarriage. 

Many fans wanted Vic and Walt to be together as a couple just like it happened in the book series and fortunately, it came true by the end of season 6. Vic never confessed but was obvious with her actions that she had a thing for Walt but she never made a move. Luckily, Walt noticed it and reciprocated her feelings. 

Longmire Season 7 Cast

Longmire Season 7

“Walt Longmire”, played by “Robert Taylor”, is the protagonist of the series “Longmire”. His performance has been appreciated by many. He definitely does justice to the role with his excellent acting skills. Unlike his reel character, he is not American at all. He is actually Australian in real life. After Longmire, Taylor has been busy living life off-screen in Melbourne, Australia.

“Vic Moretti’s” character has been played by “Katee Sackhoff’. Originally from Philadelphia, Vic Moretti moves to Absaroka County, becoming Longmire’s deputy sheriff. Her already anticipated love story with Walt was all over the place and finally came to an end in season 6. Vic is tough and smart and Katee did a great job in playing her.

“Henry Standing Bear” was played by “Lou Diamond Philips.” He is a resident of the Cheyenne reservation, owner of The Red Pony, and longtime friend of Longmire, who was accused of murder. His character was very prominent in the entire story. as he helped Longmire a lot.

“Cady Longmire’ was played by “Cassidy Freeman”. “Bailey Chase” was played by  “Branch Connally”. “Zahn McClarnon” was played “By Officer Mathias”. and “Adam Bartley’ was played by “Deputy Archie “the Ferg” Ferguson”. ” A Martinez” was played by ‘Jacob Nighthorse”.

Will There Be A Season 7?

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It was announced by Netflix that season 7 would be canceled and the show wouldn’t be renewed. However, there is always a possibility for a new twist. Longmire is a very famous show with many loyal viewers who are waiting eagerly for a new season to come up but no official announcement has been made yet. We can only guess what can happen in the next season. It might be possible for Cady to become the new sheriff and Vic and Walt might be living together happily. But we can’t say anything for sure because there might be something unexpected or extraordinary. 

Some sources have revealed, that while Netflix doesn’t want to renew the show, the new season might be available on different streaming platforms so fans shouldn’t be upset because there is a high chance of season 7 happening. Netflix canceled the show after the sixth season because the viewership of the show was decreasing continuously. The show was called off at the end. As of now, Netflix said that season 6 is the last season but the production disagrees so let’s wait and watch.

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