Home News Katie Price Criticized for ‘weapons-grade c***-teasing’ as she ‘frauds’ OnlyFans users

Katie Price Criticized for ‘weapons-grade c***-teasing’ as she ‘frauds’ OnlyFans users


This latest article comes after Katie Price has been seemingly slammed for “weapons-grade c***-teasing” as her subscribers on OnlyFans file a complaint in relation to her content.

The former glamour model became a member of the subscription-based website in January. Having done that, she made sure to keep her fans enticed along with making the promise of posting a whole lot of attractive shots.

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However, she has left her subscribers in a state of disappointment after she declared that she would go naked on her page.

In the comment section, one user commented saying, “Latest PPV is also more of the same… save your money.

“Surely the promises have to be lived up to eventually. Or else, this is like a fraud. Weapons-grade c***-teasing.”

The disappointed user’s comment poured in after Katie wed to bring “the old Pricey back” by means of posting more explicit snaps.

The latest series of her racy photos show her posing in a number of cheeky positions at the same time as exhibiting a cut-out one-piece that leaves very little to the imagination.


Even though she posted several sexier snaps than she had previously done, some fans still expressed their dissatisfaction with her content.

Her fans and subscribers are required to shell out as much as £11 a month to view her page.

When she first joined OnlyFans, Katie responded to fans’ pleas to “level up” her content.

She told of her plans in a video, by saying: “My ears have been ringing lately because apparently, you want the old Pricey back…

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“Well let’s bring it on, sunshine! It’s a party with Pricey!

“So everyone, I’ve teased you enough, you think that’s tame do you?

“Well it’s time to level up with you guys, stay tuned and you’ll see what’s coming.”

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