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Jennie Spills News About The Blackpink’s Reunion – CR News


With her recent statement, Jennie has made heads turn. Fans can’t keep quiet since to that particular revelation. In a one-of-a-kind program, Jennie revealed the return of BLACKPINK. After the girls announced a possible comeback, fans were startled to learn that Somi, who joined The Black Label, used the same building. She gave a clue about a return in her Instagram live when she heard the girls discussing it there.

Because the Blinks had been rumored to be returning, they were a little weary. Nothing was true, though. Some of them even claimed that they wouldn’t believe it until they saw actual teasers. When Stevie mentioned the news herself, fans were overjoyed.

Jennie Spills The News Of Blackpink’s Return On Her Blog

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Last month, Blinks fans were ecstatic to hear that the group was coming back! The world-famous girl group Blackpink has been silent for a long time.

Despite their numerous projects, including releasing solo tracks and making their acting debuts, fans were eagerly anticipating a project that included all of them, such as a comeback.

It was then that Jennie made the day for the Blinks. In ‘The Game Caterers 2,’ a variety show hosted by PD Na Young Suk, Jennie fulfilled the wishes of the Blinks. Members of various YG Entertainment groups gathered under one roof for a distinct program.

Jennie was the only Blackpink member to appear in the program, along with Jinwoo and Mino of Winner, Jinhwan and Yunhyeong of iKON, Jihoon and Hyunsuk of Treasure, Lee Chanhyuk of AKMU, and Jiwon from Sechs Kies.

After Jennie made the announcement, naturally, Twitter was filled with tweets from the followers. They couldn’t believe she had given a sneak peek at their comeback and are overjoyed about it now.

Blinks were overjoyed by Jennie’s boldness in revealing their return openly and without reservation, especially since they had known about it for a long time. It was not only Jennie, though, who made an announcement. Mino and Jihwan also provided leaks by mentioning the potential return of Winner and iKON.

Controversies In The Past Period

For the past 18 months, Blackpink members have been on a sabbatical. Despite this, they appeared to be active and together. If no news about the group’s comeback was provided to them, fans were demanding a comeback and threatening to boycotte YG products.

When YG revealed that the ladies will be returning with a mini-album, there was this spark. The fans were furious after hearing this because they have learned that Blackpink has only 21 songs under its belt.

With only twenty tracks, the fans were wondering how the company was treating the group. In 2021, Lovesick Girls was the last song in the group’s repertoire, and after that they wanted a full-length album rather than a mini-album.

On the break, the ladies were active with their separate obligations, with Lisa releasing her debut album and Jisoo making her acting debut in Snowdrop.

In the viral video clip, Ms. Jennie stated that she isn’t sure if she’s allowed to say this; however, since she’s alone in the room, she feels confident enough to do so. She even requested that the fans continue to appreciate their music and support them in their endeavors.

Jihwan, on the other hand, informed Jennie that their actual comeback should be announced so that YG Entertainment has no option but to bring the groups back

For fans, Jennie Is The Queen and Spoiler Queen were two popular phrases. The community was ecstatic to see her in such a good mood while discussing their comeback. They’ve put their faith in Queen Jennie, and now that it’s been stated on television, there’s no turning back.

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