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Here’s a little-known fact: rapper and singer Eminem (Marshall Mathers) has three daughters in addition to his only one.

In songs like ‘Mockingbird’ and ‘Hailie’s Song,’ we’ve heard a lot about Hailie Scott’s upbringing. We’re also somewhat aware of Mathers’ tumultuous relationship with Kimberly Anne Scott, his former wife. What few fans realize, however, is that the two adopted daughters altered Eminem’s life.

Unless you’re a hardcore Eminem fan, the names Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers are probably unknown. Watch a scene from Eminem’s music video for ‘Lose Yourself. Continue reading below.

Here’s what Eminem’s daughters’ lives look like now.

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Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade And Alaina Marie Now
Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade And Alaina Marie Now

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Scott Now

Hailie is the most well-known of Eminem’s daughters.

She’s also Eminem’s only biological daughter and was born on Christmas Day in 1995. She’s now 25 years old.

Hailie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Michigan’s Chippewa Valley High School in 2014, and she paid tribute to her parents.

My mother and father, since they have driven me to be the individual I am today and have given me all of the help I need to accomplish my goals.

Hailie Sturtzel is a college student who has graduated from Michigan State University in 2018 with a degree in psychology. It’s also where she met her long-term partner, Evan McClintock.

Last year, Eminem said on the podcast Hotboxin’ that “Hailie has made me proud for sure.”

“No kids, she has a partner, but she’s doing well,” he added.

After college, it appears that the millennial has turned her goals to being an Instagram influencer, as she posts photographs of her clothes with her 2.3 million followers on a frequent basis.

She also joined TikTok.

Kimberly Anne Scott gave birth to Hailie in 1995, before marrying Marshall Mathers (Eminem) in 1999.

They split up two years later, in 2001. The pair briefly reconnected in 2006 before permanently separating.

Eminem’s Daughter Alaina Marie Mathers

Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade And Alaina Marie Now
Eminem Daughter Hailie Jade And Alaina Marie Now

Alaina Marie was born as Amanda in 1993, to Kimberly’s twin sisters Dawn Scott and Eminem, who legally adopted her in the 2000s. Alaina Marie was legally renamed during the adoption process, although it’s unclear when this occurred.

Alaina was a subject of Eminem’s songs on a few occasions, such as in “Mockingbird” when he refers to Alaina and Hailie as sisters. ‘Lainey’ is her nickname in music.

Alaina has recently become a mental health and body positivity advocate, frequently posting photographs on her Instagram account.

On December 13, after seven years together, Meghan Markle got engaged to Matt Moeller.

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Stevie Mathers (formerly known as Whitney)

Stevie was born in 2002, but Eminem has complete custody of her due to her biological father’s drug and legal issues.

There’s nothing much known about them, other than they’re 19 and have shown up in Alaina’s Instagram photos on occasion. In his songs ‘Going Through Changes’ and ‘When I’m Gone,’ Eminem alludes to them.”

Stevie, who is non-binary and uses they, him, and her pronouns on TikTok, this year released a video where it appears that Eminem kept their adoption secret until after their biological father’s death.

“He’s not your actual father,” they claimed in the video, as if it were a third party. “You’re adopted,” they added.

“You’re my real dad right? Am I adopted [sic]?” they seemingly asked. 

“I am your real dad,” they were told by presumably Eminem. 

Stevie said they were given a copy of their biological father’s death certificate, which he presented to their grandmother.

“I’m sorry they wouldn’t tell you about him [sic],” Stevie recounted their grandmother saying.

The 17-year-old ended the clip by mimicking the lyrics, “That must be so confusing for a little girl,” from Adventure Time’s song ‘Remember Me.’


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