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Shane Warne who was a professional American cricketer took his last breath on March 4, 2022. He was born on September 13, 1969, to Bridgette and Keith Warne. Initially, he is from Melbourne.

On March 4, Shane Warne was found lying in an unconscious condition in the Samujana Villas resort. When his other three mates informed the Thai police about his serious medical condition, the Thai police officers were immediately found in the location with their medical rescue teams.

The "Shane Warne Death" Police Reveal Efforts To Save His Life

Without wasting a single moment, the Thai police have rushed him to the “Thai International Hospital” where he was declared ‘brought dead. According to his Instagram posts, Shane Warne was on a seven-day long holiday with his other three mates at the Samujana Villas resort.

After interrogating Warne’s manager  James Erskine, the police officers got to know that the four friends had planned for an alcohol party during their trip. Shane Warne’s manager also mentioned that he was watching cricket before he collapsed. According to him, Shane Warne was an on-time person.

He disliked being late in any event, be that professional or personal. But that evening when he was fifteen minutes late, his friends went to whoop him up. After several calls and knocks at the door, when Warne refused to open the hotel room door, Thai police were ranged for immediate action.

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All these incidents took place between 5 pm to 5:30 pm according to Shane Warne’s manager.

 Instagram clarified that hours before his death, he had updated stories through his account with a picture of the island he was staying in.  After his death, one question had arrived ‘if Shane Warne was drinking before his death?” But when this question had arisen, his manager James Erskine had taken full responsibility to confirm the statement was fake.

He mentioned it clearly that Shane Warne was busy watching the test series of Australia and Pakistan.

The "Shane Warne Death" Police Reveal Efforts To Save His Life


A few days earlier Shane Warne had posted a picture in his Instagram account mentioning that he needs to lose some weight. He even decided to start his training on that very day.

Even though the 52-year-old Warne had a sudden heart attack, his body will be sent for post mortem at Surathani hospital to finalize his cause of death. Since this was an abnormal death, officers will get hold of the CCTV footage of the hotel.

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