Edmond Rostand: Why Is Today’s Google Doodle To Honor The French Poet And Dramatist?

In 1998, the search engine paid tribute to the well-known Nevada festival Burning Man with a clever play of design on their iconic yellow O, making it the first Google Doodle.

The design was brief-lived, but it did serve as a touchstone, showing how the firm builds its homepage two years later when Google began releasing daily Doodle designs.

Doodle paid his respects to French playwright and poet Edmond Rostand today (May 30th).mWhile Edmond is not as well recognized as the Burning Man festival among those immersed in pop culture and music, his efforts in the late 1800s inspired a famous Broadway musical that is still popular today.

Edmond Rostand: Why Is Today's Google Doodle To Honor The French Poet And Dramatist?


Paul Verlaine was a poet of French birth who began writing poems at the age of 22, following a play collection titled Les Musardises.

Naturally, Edmond gracefully snuck into scenes from time to time, and his career was enhanced two years later when he played Les Romanesques. The play is also known as “The Romances,” and it still has relevance today because of the 1960 Broadway musical The Fantasticks, which was turned into a film in 1987.

Similarly, the play is a core component of literature studies at institutions all over the world.

After Edmond’s next success came in 1897, with the romantic play Cyrano de Bergerac, which was performed for 300 consecutive nights and translated into numerous other European languages including English, German and Russian.

Edmond Rostand: Why Is Today's Google Doodle To Honor The French Poet And Dramatist?

Before retiring to the Académie française in 1903, Edmond became the institution’s youngest member before leaving after eight years with another popular drama called Chantecler.

However, the playwright’s final years were marred by alcoholism. Finally, in 1918, he died at the age of 50 as a result of the Spanish Flu epidemic, although he still had two unperformed plays: one play that was staged posthumously in 1922.

Edmond had a wife, Rosemonde-Étienette Gérard, who was also a poet and playwright, as well as two children.

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