Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Explained: Jean Beat The Hell Out Of Reiner

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The manga series “Attack On Titan” had previously made its viewers crazy itself on its release date. The clan had been waiting eagerly for the release date of season 4 episode 25. Now when it’s released, the web pages are flooded with its reviews and positive comments. Attack On Titan had previously crossed the minds of both this generation and the last generation’s people. Starting from age fifteen to thirty-five, none has left this manga series unseen. The real name of the series¬† “Attack On Titan” is “Shingeki no Kyojin”. Since this manga series has a great demand, let’s discuss what happened in the previous episode and what actually happened in the latest episode.

What Happened In The Manga “Attack On Titan” Season 4 Episode 25?

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Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 25 has been titled “Night Of The End”. As most of us are familiar that the episode started with a very sweet scene where we saw Jean was dreaming of experiencing a lovely life with his beautiful wife and his kids. But unfortunately, the reality was not as sweet as the dream since his real life was a complete mess. Later when Jean realized that it was nothing but a lovely dream, he became very upset.

One thing that we saw was pretty unnatural and the fans too were surprised when we saw getting Marco being swallowed by the Titan during that burning scene. Keeping these thoughts aside, Jean, Mikasa, and Hange had a group discussion where they decided to make Eren stop his unnatural and dangerous actions.

In that group conversation, they were also analyzing the situation to know who’s a fault it was actually. Since the scene got extremely dangerous, they came to a conclusion stating that it was all Marleyan’s fault.

What Happened In The End?

This time the ending was a bit different. Since we all saw how Marco died, hence we realized anything could happen in the end. In the end we saw Jean being upset for Marco and getting into a bad fight with Gabi and Reiner since both were present when Marco got swallowed by the Titan.

More or less, Jean had stated Gabi and Reiner to be the culprits for Marco’s condition. Episode 25 of season 4 ended with another group discussion between Jean, Theo, and Hange. That discussion even had some sort of arguments as well but in the end, they came to a better settlement.

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