Apex Legends Mobile Limited Regional Official Launch

The limited regional launch of Apex Legends Mobile was announced on Wednesday.  

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Earlier in February, Respawn Entertainment had announced its plans for gamers to participate in the soft launch of the game in selected regions. It was limited to only Android and specific regions. Participation links had been sent across and users had to pre-register through Google Play Store. 

Respawn announced on Wednesday that a version of free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter, designed particularly for the mobile version was set for a limited regional launch. The game is known to have debuted last year and ten countries have made it for the initial launch phase including – Colombia, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Mexico, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore and Indonesia.

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Despite not having mentioned the dates, fans can now head over to both the Android and iOS app store to set themselves up for an initial sign up. During this launch, the game offers the players a chance to play as any one of the characters – Octane, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Gibraltar, Wraith, Mirage, Bangalore, Caustic and Pathfinder. 

Unfortunately, for fans in India, Respawn hasn’t announced a launch in the country for this futuristic battle royale. Since the game has been specifically designed for smart phones it does not support cross-play of any sort. The beta tests that had been going around are just glorifying the hype more and players are unable to resist the experience the launch is providing them. 

The minimum game requirements have also been revealed and stand thus:
For Android – Android 8.1, 3 GB free space, Open GL 3.0 or higher, 3 GB RAM, screen size – N/L/XL

For iOS: iPhone 6s or later, OS version 10.0 or later, 3 GB free space, 2 GB RAM, CPU A9.

The dates for regional launch are yet to be announced and the game is still under the development phase. Further news on the global launch will be dropped soon.

“We’ll be sharing updates on global launch once we’ve made informed decisions coming out of the limited regional launch,” Respawn said. “If you’re in one of the participating test countries, pre-registration is now open. We’re still actively testing the app around the world, and we can’t wait for more players to join the fun at launch!”



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