AnnaLynne McCord explains her viral Vladimir Putin poem-CR NEWS

“I could have easily gone down the road of becoming a dictator,” states 90210 actress.

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AnnaLynne McCord, an alum of Nip/Tuck and 90210, has revealed the perplexing poem she shared in a video addressed to “Dear Mister President Vladimir Putin” on Thursday, as Russian forces moved into Ukraine.

“I understand how I could have easily gone down the path of dictatorship,” said McCord when asked about the video, which has since gone viral. “If certain circumstances in my life had been modified, if I was a little less bent on healing and more on vindication, I could have become a dangerously powerful individual.”

AnnaLynne McCord explains her viral Vladimir Putin poem-CR NEWS

According to McCord, she wanted to share the video in which she becomes Putin’s mother and speculates about the anguish he must have felt as a youngster as he awoke “in pain” over “the children of the war.” “Children who grow up to be adults and become people who do horrible things, such as myself,” she said. “Because I comprehend early life trauma,” she added.

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During her interview on HuffPost Live, McCord stated that she wants to raise awareness about the required changes in “education systems” to “protect children and prevent the creation of dictators and abusers and enslavers and rapists and bullies,” among other things.

The poem by the actress, which includes lines such as “You would have been so cherished, held in the arms of joyful light,” was greeted with bewilderment and criticism Thursday, as fears of a big war increased. Twitter users compared the poem to the celebrity “Imagine” video that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic’s early days.

McCord was one of several Hollywood figures who condemned Russia’s invasion, along with Ukrainian performers such as Regina Spektor, Vera Farmiga, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy. expressing their anger, shock, and Inconsolable sadness over the violence.

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